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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think that's how it goes anyway . Welcome back.
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    Happy birthday.
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    dad plz un ban me ill apologise
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    I see that you are purple. Our plan has worked.
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    I really like your flavor texts in the Snail game!
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    I must meditate on whether to follow my own path. Ascension must be achieved.
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    Where did the music go?
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    Status report: so far, the pretending to be productive is on track. I have hosted a game, played some games as well, even introduced myself, and have yet to see my assertion of adorability being challenged.
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    Well, there is always the Spanish Inquisition...

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    That's simple, That would be Stork. It seems [possible rumor] he removed people's messages and if he ever does something like that again we can voice our concerns and gain support from the people of our country. Then we might have a chance at asking for his impeachment. Hopefully they don't vote someone else in instead of us though. Makaze is most definitely a homonculus, I believe it.

    Plan for ranking up:

    1. Be liked.
    2. Be active.
    3. Be smart.

    I think we can cover all three most likely. If either of us ever start to lack in either of these three aspects, we can just contact the other and say "Hey, you are slacking, pick it up!" and we'll be on our way.
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I've never felt more like shit in my entire life.
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