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The game goes by many names: Mafia, Werewolf, Killer, Assassin, Detective, Witch Hunt, Lupus in
Tabula, Slasher, and others. Whichever variant you are used to, your thirst for lynching bad guys or
manipulating good guys can be quenched here. Playing Mafia online has never been easier.

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Some of our features:



Mafia Universe offers you the chance to play with people from more than a hundred different communities - all on one site! It’s a big, delightful melting pot with players bringing different meta, styles and standards to the table, providing you with a fun challenge and a perfect learning experience. Officially launched in the fall of 2015, Mafia Universe is one of the fastest growing Mafia communities on the internet.


Automated Games

Mafia Universe's ModBot offers automatic hosting from start to finish. Design a setup using any combination of ModBot-supported roles and modifiers, input the player list, and watch the magic happen as the software automatically randomizes the game, opens/closes the thread, reveals the results and processes the night actions. For custom games featuring non-software-supported roles, the ModBot still offers many helpful tools.



Mafia Universe offers a software-integrated database that automatically tracks statistics and results for all players and all games. Use this to get information on past games or analyze your own past performance. This database is  integrated with an extensive collection of over 475 Mafia roles, allowing you to search for how each role works and making it possible to track games where certain roles were used.


Voting Tools

Mafia Universe not only offers automated vote counts, but we even allow players to request vote counts themselves at any time with the simple click of a button. All votes are additionally stored on a separate vote history page, which players can access at any time to view the progression of all votes cast in the game.


Private Threads

Mafia Universe offers private threads to any teams or individual players that wish to either have a private space to communicate or leave their thoughts in. Private threads are completely inaccessible by anyone who has not received proper permission rights by the Game Host.



Mafia Universe offers you the ability to bookmark a post right in the thread and include a note with each bookmark. Bookmarks are saved to the database and you can access them from any device. You can even access all your bookmarks from previous games if you wish to compare notes.

...and much, much more!

What is Mafia?

Mafia (also known as Werewolf) is a dynamic game of logic, deceit and interpersonal relationships. Every game is slightly different, with different players occupying different roles, and is always an exciting challenge. At its core, it is a psychological game in which innocent members of the Town try to discover the identities of the members of the Mafia hiding among them, using limited information.

Mafia was created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986 in Soviet Russia. It originated as a party game intended for a live setting, but has since then become popular on forums, which is the variant played on Mafia Universe.


Mafia games consist of two opposing factions: One good team (the Town) and one evil team (the Mafia). The objective of the Town is to eliminate all the members of the Mafia, thereby securing the safety of the town, whereas the objective of Mafia is achieving equal numbers with the Town, at which point they can't lose a lynch vote.



All members of the Town are informed only of their own identity; they have no idea what roles other players in the game may have. The Mafia, on the other hand, has the advantage that they all know each other’s identities. However, the town starts the game with more members than the mafia. For example, in a 9-player game, you might expect there to be 2 mafia and 7 townies. In this sense, the game is often referred to as a battle between the uninformed majority and the informed minority.

The game comes down to whether the Town can sniff out the members of the Mafia before it is too late!



Once roles have been assigned and a Mafia game has started, the game will cycle through one or both of two different phases throughout the game:


DAY PHASES   sun_icon_nac

During the Day, everyone is "awake" and allowed to talk inside a Game Thread. Town players are trying to identify the Mafia while the Mafia are attempting to blend in, often by pretending they're trying to hunt for Mafia themselves. During the Day, the players can vote to lynch whomever they believe is a member of the Mafia. Players may change their votes or remove their votes at any time before the deadline. The player with the most lynch votes at the end of the Day will be lynched and removed from the game, and their role card will be revealed. If the setup allows, a Day may end early if a majority of votes are on one player, lynching them immediately.

NIGHT PHASES   moon_icon_nac

During the Night, everyone is "asleep" and barred from talking in the Game Thread. The Mafia go to their private thread to discuss which player to kill and submit their Kill action by phase end. There may also be players with special Power Roles on either team that have actions they can use at night. For example, a standard setup contains the Cop, who can submit a player's name each night and learn of that player's alignment (Town, or Mafia). If a Mafia player has a Power Role then they contribute to both the Mafia faction Kill action and their own personal actions for that night.


Mafia games typically cycle back and forth between Day and Night until one team leaves victorious. Special cases include Nightless games, where there are no power roles and either Mafia get no night kills or their kills are chosen at random, and Day leads right into the next Day without interruption until either the Mafia convince the Town to lynch their own, or the Mafia get found out and lynched themselves.

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