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  1. I noticed. :3 I'd recommend joining Corrupt?! (yes, that is the name lol) as well, it's oc, and certain to be an interesting game imo.
  2. Cool cool. Yeah that's me; I'm roping a few smogon buddies that are pretty ok at noc in to get the game filled.
  3. Oh, nice. :3 You're Dale, then? My name is Hellcrow there.
  4. Oh sorry; yes I am. I'm about to join a game on bulbagarden; hopefully it goes well lol. What's your name on bulbagarden?
  5. And sure, I'll drop by Smogon. Are you under the same name there?
  6. Hey, as you're in the championships, you might be interested in this. There are two spots remaining as of now, if you have the time. ^^
  7. Yeah I'll definitely give it a look, thanks. You're always welcome to drop by around Smogon for a game as well
  8. I see. I think you might be interested in my home site, Bulbagarden Forums, then. It's a fairly similar place to what you describe, both in playerbase (although it's pretty small) and atmosphere, with a heavy focus on OC as well. We're a small but friendly group, and any newcomers are always welcome. ^^
  9. I've played outside smogon a good bit. I've played on epicmafia, mafiascum, dailymafia, pokemon online, and a few other places to various degrees. Smogon is what really got me interested in mafia, though, and I'm still friends with and play mafia with people from my very first mafia game (28 weeks later mafia), which I can't say about any other community I've played mafia in.
  10. Yeah sure!

    I think the community is fairly well distributed. You have a few really good players, a lot of solid players who stay active and don't usually make big mistakes, and a moderate but not overwhelming number of players who aren't so great. I think the nature of most games being outside contact helps make the community a lot more social when a game is going on, since the social discussion aspect is a pretty integral part of the game. In our NOC games, the skill level is a lot lower but people who play in them generally are experienced with dealing with liars in OC games, so they aren't too terrible at adjusting.

    I think the atmosphere is best described by laid back with moments of high intensity. OC tends to revolve a lot more over the planning of night actions and the deliberation over info given rather than analyzing the discussion itself, so activity and intensity tends to spike at critical lynches or on important nights when trying to negotiate with another team, etc
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The Motion Detector may each night target a player and learn if any actions were performed by or on that player, but not what the actions were or who else they involved.