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  1. No, it was made by a friend.
  2. Nice Avatar did you draw it yourself?
  3. Nope. It left with the season.
  4. Really, do you still have it? It looks ridiculous imho.
  5. I won a Major Award last Christmas.
  6. *Virtual high-five for using stack exchange.*
  7. I sent it a couple days ago :P
    It says the request is pending
  8. So I'll accept if you send the request.
  9. I was joking a bit :P

    So you'll add me or naw?
  10. I think you misunderstood, but that works.
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Role of the Day
Double Agent

The Double Agent is an independently aligned player who is part of the mafia faction and has an additional secret individual kill. The Double Agent wins by being last man standing.