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  1. you suck
  2. oh shit i was actually wondering where it was from. when i googled her name it said "hark" so i thought you were just being stupid because ive been saying "hark" a lot lately in reference to the dover boys. this avatar isnt the normal avatar i use on forums, it's a tribute to a guy on forums i go on and he left and i was sad so i decided all these years later to use their avatar. would you mind linking the comic where it is from?
  3. Your pony avatar is a sketch by her
  4. what
  5. Mmmm Kate Beaton
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Role of the Day

The Stalker can once per game target a player at night. Once selected, the Stalker will track that player every night until either the Stalker or the target dies. This action is unblockable and also immune to redirects, except on the night that the Stalker first uses the ability.