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  1. Would making the following post be deemed okay? Current situation is that I'm 100% confirmed mafia and I want to push the town into hunting for the Psychopath.

    "Just a heads up;

    The Psychopath is still alive, they shot Legion last night and look to be going for the solo win and I'm not entirely sure I can stop them from doing it without it possibly being deemed as playing against my win conditiion, they've shot outside of who they were ordered the past two nights (Both the Mets & Legion shots were them going rogue), tried to counter it by going for the final msylnch win yesterday so it ends in an end-game of just mafia & the psychopath so we can lynch them and win which is why I didn't want the Socio lynch; we need the numbers alive to actually force through a lynch on the Psychopath."
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The Judge may each night choose to kill someone who was on the lynch bandwagon during the most recent day phase.