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  1. I just wanted to say congrats on the win, and to also give kudos for the teamwork! The cohesiveness of the scum team made all the difference this game, along with scum's excellent choice of nk's. Tip of the hat to all three of you!

    Something that came up in specchat on the was that those of us who read your champs game last year, where you admirably subbed in as town, began discussing that and reading you as scum accordingly. It wasn't that you were scummy, just that your thoughtful analysis present in that game was missing here--we knew you could play better than that as town. Without that comparison, I don't think I'd've even caught on, until 2/3rds of the scumteam was clearly ramming a mislynch down Tiger's throat for the win, hue.

    GREAT job on having the persistence and determination that was needed to win--you never froze up once, even when confronted dead on with some damn fine damning questions. Bookhouse Boys seal of approval: you earned and deserved that win. :3
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