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  1. Smogon non-outside contact mafia is probably a bit more casual than MU. We tend to have longer deadlines, lower activity, and a slightly worse playerbase.

    of course, we also play Outside Contact games, and we go hard in those

    either way, if you're looking to expand, it's a fun community and we'd love to have you!
  2. Is smogon mafia more casual, in the middle like MU, or incredibly hardcore like Mafiascum? Considering expanding to a few other sites, and wondering if smogon would be a good place to start since it's one of the few forum names I've heard before :P
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Arms Dealer

The Arms Dealer may each night target someone and turn them into a vigilante for the night, making the target kill whoever they use their night action on, if they have one. If the Arms Dealer targets a vigilante, the vigilante will die.