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  1. My avatar is some fan art of Rachnera from Monster Musume. It's a comedy anime series so tonally the picture is pretty far removed from the source material, but I just love the design and spacing. As for my signature, it's a quote from Dragon Age: Origins.
  2. I simply have to ask where your new avatar and your poetic new signature come from. I am compelled.
  3. I must meditate on whether to follow my own path. Ascension must be achieved.
  4. I have ascended to the rank of Fearless Leader!

    But the music will never leave my heart (????)??
  5. Where did the music go?
  6. Status report: so far, the pretending to be productive is on track. I have hosted a game, played some games as well, even introduced myself, and have yet to see my assertion of adorability being challenged.
  7. The problem is that, if I am ‘myself’, I will probably get stuck with a lolcat as an avatar. I must pretend to change and be productive, as Belkar Bitterleaf does. What a great idea, Miss lute.
  8. well my "contributions" were being funny and leaving music notes everywhere so it's not that hard ♫

    just be yourself ♫

    unless yourself is lousy

    then be someone else until you get the undertitle

    most people have theirs from funny happenings that have occurred
  9. Hmph. It sounds as if people actually expect me to make a positive contribution to this forum if i want a custom usertitle.

    Decisions, decisions…
  10. thingyman gave it to me as a reward for my many contributions ♫
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