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  1. There's no such thing as a late reply! (says the man posting at 2 a.m.)

    I'm still around, playing atpg's insane zombie non-mafia game, And… trying to get on with life, as always.

    Oh! And holding out for signups for a game I'm trying to host on CFC.
  2. Hihi!

    This is a terribly late reply, sorry! I started lurking again recently. XP

    How are you doing, Takhitty?
  3. Are you still around?
  4. Hey, I'm sorry I had to kick you out of my game but you went AWOL and I had to act as a GM first. I hope nothing too terrible happened to you, and if you want to play again when I next host a game (RPS or mafia) it's no problem.
  5. Has anything happened?
  6. If you have the time, check out the endgame in my game. It will tell you a lot about what to expect (also ask CrimsonFox!).
  7. You should've seen what happened when I misconfigured Modbot and he started posting a votecount once every minute. Talk about D1 madness.

    Also, never take these things unnecessarily seriously, because it's ultimately a game.
  8. Thank you so much That reassurance meant a lot to me, I'm not used to messing up running much larger games and I just want everyone to have fun. Manual mistakes are a bit easier to fix. Thank you so much for going out of your way to be so kind
  9. Hi, I'm hosting Hydra Game #7. I've read your posts on the original Hydra game #8… games with Modbot can be a pain because, while automated vote-counting makes life immensely easier, mistakes become part of the game and untangling them costs a lot of time and trouble. So don't worry and also don't fear to ask for advice.
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