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  1. No, it was made by a friend.
  2. Nice Avatar did you draw it yourself?
  3. Nope. It left with the season.
  4. Really, do you still have it? It looks ridiculous imho.
  5. I won a Major Award last Christmas.
  6. *Virtual high-five for using stack exchange.*
  7. I sent it a couple days ago :P
    It says the request is pending
  8. So I'll accept if you send the request.
  9. I was joking a bit :P

    So you'll add me or naw?
  10. I think you misunderstood, but that works.
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Role of the Day
Death Miller

The Death Miller will be viewed as mafia if investigated by a cop and will also flip as such upon death, despite being town and counting for town's numbers.