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Player Name Subbed By Team Role Survived or Died Cause of Death Won As 3P
Cuthalion Town Vanilla Survived 3 Survived
jepg Town Vanilla Night 1 Nightkilled by mafia or third party
jumpluff Town Vanilla Survived 3 Survived
lute Town Alignment Cop Survived 3 Survived
npstr Mafia Goon Day 3 Lynched
Phighter Town Vanilla Survived 3 Survived
TacoDebt Mafia Goon Day 2 Lynched
Turbo King Town Vanilla Day 1 Lynched
Zack Town Vanilla Day 2 Nightkilled by mafia or third party
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Role of the Day
Mafia Goon

The Vanilla Mafia is a standard mafia-aligned player with no additional abilities other than those shared by the mafia faction (private communication capabilities and a factional kill).