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Phase Lengths(Day/Night) in hours:

36 / 12



Game included:

Night talk in game thread allowed

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Player Name Subbed By Team Role Survived or Died Cause of Death Won As 3P
Ace of Spaids Panther (Day 2) Third Party Watcher Day 5 Lynched yes
Bearbert Town Doctor Night 7 Survived
Beluga Whale Mafia Roleblocker Day 3 Lynched
CrimsonFox Town Vanilla Night 3 Survived
DemonTurtle atheotes (Day 1) Town Tracker Day 1 Lynched
dyachei Town Vanilla Night 3 Survived
Empathy Town Bulletproof Day 4 Lynched
Gertrude Mafia Goon Night 4 Survived
Loopy Town Vanilla Night 7 Survived
lute Town Vanilla Night 1 Survived
MarkoRaj Town Vanilla Day 9 Survived
Mexal Town Rolecop Night 5 Survived
Montecore jumpluff (Day 2) Mafia Goon Day 2 Lynched
mor_tilt Third Party Lynch Protector Night 2 Survived yes
Nachomamma8 Town Vanilla Survived 8 Survived
Phighter Town Vanilla Night 2 Survived
Quick_Ben Mafia Goon Day 8 Lynched
Scoobs Town Vanilla Day 7 Lynched
Secondhand Revenant Mafia Doctor Night 6 Survived
SpankGangsta Town Vigilante Night 3 Survived
Tammy Town Vanilla Night 3 Survived
ubermensch Mafia Goon Day 6 Lynched
Vin Town Vanilla Day 9 Lynched
yogsloth Third Party Vanilla Survived 9 Survived yes
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Role of the Day

The Turncoat is a town-aligned player who will automatically be converted to a Traitor if they are ever killed by the mafia.