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Umineko: The Legend of the Golden Witch Game Thread

Main Host:

the-middle-of-the-line(click to see other games by this host)

Winning Faction:


Start Date:


Phase Lengths(Day/Night) in hours:

36 / 12



Game included:

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Player Name Subbed By Team Role Survived or Died Cause of Death Won As 3P
BATMAN Town Vanilla Night 1 Nightkilled by town
Cuthalion Town Doctor Night 1 Survived
Fable Town Two-Shot Roleblocker Day 4 Endgamed
GGTeMpLaR Town Vanilla Day 3 Daykilled by mafia or third party
Goat Mafia Lover Survived 3 Survived
Grant Town Vanilla Night 3 Daykilled by mafia or third party
jepg Town Tracker Day 2 Lynched
Limestone Mafia Witch Survived Survived
Michael22Omega Mafia Innocent Child + Lover Day 3 Lynched
Nippleman Town One-Shot Vigilante Day 4 Lynched
npstr Town Vanilla Day 1 Lynched
smilefires Town Vanilla Night 3 Nightkilled by mafia or third party
SwedishSkumbag Town Vanilla Day 2 Daykilled by mafia or third party
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Role of the Day

The Lycan is a third party-aligned player who may target a player every night and attempt to guess their role. If they guess the target's role correctly, the target will die, and the Lycan will be immune to daykills and lynches the next day. If they guess incorrectly, the identity of the Lycan will be revealed publicly. The Lycans win by outnumbering all other factions.