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Game Type Start Date Game Title Winning Faction Game Length(in-game days) Post Count Player Amount
Closed 2016-11-22 Clue Mafia: Game One (Link) Mafia 6 Days 4621 17
Closed 2016-11-21 Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town 2 Days 1884 17
Open Other 2015-07-05 Mafia: Collapse (Link) Mafia 5 Days 1442 12
Open Vanilla 2015-10-15 Mario Party Mafia (Link) Town 3 Days 766 9
Semi-Open 2016-09-12 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (Pick'em 9er) (Link) Mafia 3 Days 1312 9
Semi-Open 2016-03-21 Pirates of the Caribbean (Link) Town 5 Days 9078 21
Closed 2016-08-08 Rick & Morty Mash! (Link) Other 5 Days 11917 45
Open Other 2016-02-29 S1/S2 Championship Exihibition Game (Link) Town 10 Days 8553 21
Open Other 2016-02-15 Scooby Doo, Where Are You! 17er (Link) Mafia 4 Days 2871 17
Closed 2017-01-07 Super Mario Galaxy: Mini-Mash! (Link) Mafia 4 Days 8748 32
Closed 2016-03-07 Super Smash Bros. Mash! (Link) Mafia 5 Days 11270 48
Closed 2015-12-14 The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town 6 Days 7649 27
Closed 2016-06-13 Total Drama Island! Mafia (Link) Mafia 6 Days 3701 21
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