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Game Type Start Date Game Title Winning Faction Game Length(in-game days) Post Count Player Amount
Closed 2016-09-26 Counter Strike Mafia (Link) Mafia 2 Days 1434 70
Semi-Open 2016-09-06 Danger 5 C9++ Two-Fold (Link) Town 5 Days 4404 15
Open Vanilla 2016-10-10 Hydra Game 4: The Perils of Australia (Link) Mafia 5 Days 3101 13
Open Other 2016-06-23 John Wick Mafia (Link) Town 3 Days 1855 15
Semi-Open 2016-06-06 Season 3 Game 6: Mad Men [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia 5 Days 2755 17
Open Other 2016-09-27 Silence of the Lambs: Killers Among Us (Link) Town 6 Days 6396 18
Open Other 2016-09-29 True Lust: Lunch with Lovers (Link) Mafia 1 Days 939 13
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Forensic Scientist

The Forensic Scientist ensures, while they are still alive in the game, that no player's role reveal can be manipulated with by any other player's ability.