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Game Type Start Date Game Title Winning Faction Game Length(in-game days) Post Count Player Amount
Closed 2016-01-04 #Internet Lyfe (Link) Mafia 7 Days 4970 21
Semi-Open 2016-05-23 Season 3, Game 5: Mean Girls [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia 8 Days 5834 17
Semi-Open 2016-04-21 The Princess Bride: a Tale of True Love and High Adventure (Link) Mafia 4 Days 2011 17
Custom Turbo 2017-03-26 THREAD THREAD Popcorn Turbo (Link) Mafia 8 Days 750 14
Open Other 2016-02-15 True Lust: a story of betrayal, survival, blood, and guts...and maybe love? (Link) Town 2 Days 971 8
Closed 2017-02-11 Umineko: The Legend of the Golden Witch Game Thread (Link) Mafia 4 Days 2300 13
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Role of the Day

The Lycan is a third party-aligned player who may target a player every night and attempt to guess their role. If they guess the target's role correctly, the target will die, and the Lycan will be immune to daykills and lynches the next day. If they guess incorrectly, the identity of the Lycan will be revealed publicly. The Lycans win by outnumbering all other factions.