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Game Type Start Date Game Title Winning Faction Game Length(in-game days) Post Count Player Amount
Closed 2016-01-04 #Internet Lyfe (Link) Mafia 7 Days 4970 21
Semi-Open 2016-05-23 Season 3, Game 5: Mean Girls [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia 8 Days 5834 17
Semi-Open 2016-04-21 The Princess Bride: a Tale of True Love and High Adventure (Link) Mafia 4 Days 2011 17
Custom Turbo 2017-03-26 THREAD THREAD Popcorn Turbo (Link) Mafia 8 Days 750 14
Open Other 2016-02-15 True Lust: a story of betrayal, survival, blood, and guts...and maybe love? (Link) Town 2 Days 971 8
Closed 2017-02-11 Umineko: The Legend of the Golden Witch Game Thread (Link) Mafia 4 Days 2300 13
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