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Mafia Communities:

Name Link Version Active Past 2015 Language
17th Shard Elimination Game Yes English
343Industries Mafia Yes English
3J3F Killer Yes Chinese
44vs Killer Yes Chinese
7Kill Killer Yes Chinese
A Forum of Ice and Fire Mafia Yes English
Accursed Farms Mafia No English
Acheron Gaming Mafia No English
Achievement Hounds Werewolf No English
Achievement Hunter Mafia Yes English
Action Packed Wrestling Mafia No English
Actuarial Outpost Local Yes English
ADD Forums Mafia No English
ADPA Forum Werewolf Yes English Mafia Yes English
Aetolia Mafia No English
Age of Empires III Heaven Forum Mafia No English
Age of Kings Heaven Forum Mafia Yes English
Age of Mythology Heaven Forum,,0,0 Mafia Yes English
Ajayu! Mafia No Spanish
Alicornutopia Mafia Yes English
alkinoos Palermo No Greek
Altitude Game Mafia No English
Am I a banana Mafia No English
amarinner Mafia No English
AnandTech Forums Mafia No English
Animal Crossing Community Werewolf Yes English
Anime Forum Werewolf Yes English
Anime Portugal Mafia Yes Portuguese
Anime-Sharing Mafia No English
Animeleague Werewolf Yes English
AnimeUltima Werewolf Yes English
AniTech Forums Mafia Yes English
Anonymous Mafia Tournament Mafia Yes English
AnyNowhere Werewolf No English
Apolypton Civilization Site Mafia No English
Aquaria Central! Mafia No English
ArboristSite Werewolf No English
Arlong Park Mafia No English
Armageddon General Discussion Board,4.0.html Mafia Yes English
Armagetron Forums Werewolf No English
Ars Technica Werewolf Yes English
Art of Problem Solving Mafia Yes English
Artharia,46.0.html Werewolf No German
Asexual Visibility & Education Network Werewolf Yes English
Asrai Local No English
AssoPoker Werewolf No Italian
Astro Empires Werewolf No English
Atheist Forums Mafia Yes English
Atheist Foundation of Australia Mafia Yes English
atomic Mafia No English
Atomican Mafia Mafia No English
ATRL Slasher Yes English
Audiosurf,6.0.html Mafia No English
Awkward Zombie Mafia Yes English
Baidu Werewolf Yes Chinese
BakaBT Murder Yes English
Bankwärmer Werewolf No German
Barbelith Underground Mafia No English
Batacas Werewolf No Spanish
Battle Dawn Mafia Yes English
BattleMaster,14.0.html Werewolf No English
Bay 12 Forums Mafia Yes English
Bayernu Monachium Mafia Yes Polish
Beast's Lair Mafia No English
Bethesda Softworks Werewolf No English
BigFooty Werewolf Yes English
Billy vs. SNAKEMAN Forums Mafia Yes English
BisaBoard Mafia Yes German
Black Hair Media Mafia No English
BlockString Werewolf Yes English
Blocktopia Mafia Yes English
Blowout Cards Mafia No English
Blue Kaffee Mafia Yes English
Bluehell Productions Mafia No English
BoardGameGeek Werewolf Yes English
Boardhell Palermo Yes German
Body Piercing Forum Mafia No English Werewolf No Danish
Bored Aussie Werewolf No English
Boypoint Werewolf No German
BrainDen Mafia No English
Braingle Werewolf Yes English
Brawl in the Family Mafia No English
Broken Forum Mafia Yes English
Bronies Local Yes German
Bronies Australia Werewolf No English
Brontoforumus Werewolf No English
Brunchma Mafia No English
Bulbagarden Forums Mafia Yes English
Bungie Mafia No English
Burning Series Palermo Yes German
BZPower Mafia Yes English
C++ Forum Palermo No German
Calgarypuck Forums Mafia Yes English
Camaro5 Mafia No English
Campbell County Mafia No English
Canucks Community Mafia Yes English
Captain Luffy Assassin No English
Caravel Forum Mafia No English
Carcasonne Werewolf No German
Castle Doom Werewolf No English
Castronegro Werewolf Yes Spanish
Casual Discourse Mafia No English
Catie's Forum Mafia No English
CBR Community Traitor Yes English
CemZoo Mafia No Spanish
Centrum Fify Mafia No Polish
Cerberus Daily News Reapers Yes English
CertForums Werewolf No English
Cheese for Mice Werewolf No English
Cheese for Mice Português The City Sleeps Yes Portuguese Mafia No English
Chicken Smoothie Mafia Yes English
Chief Delphi Mafia Yes English
Chocolate Pi Witch Hunt Yes English
ChooseYourStory Murder Yes English
CientoSeis Mafia No Spanish
City Builders,,0,20 Mafia No English
CivFanatics Mafia Yes English
CivForum Werewolf Yes German
Clan Koragg Mafia No English
Click Critters Slasher No English
Cliff Hanger Mafia No English
Clockwork Storybook Mafia No English
CoD24/7 Mafia No English
Code Red Wrestling Mafia No English
Color Infection Werewolf No English
Comic Fury Mafia Yes English
Comic Vine Mafia Yes English
Computing Addicts Werewolf Yes English
Comunio Mafia Yes German
Conquer Club Mafia Yes English
Cosplay New Zealand Mafia No English
Court Records Mafia Yes English
CPA Message Boards Werewolf No English
Cricistan Mafia Yes English
CricSim Mafia Yes English
CTSamurai Mafia No English
Cubeville Werewolf No English
Cutstuff Mafia Yes English
Cyberscore Virus Yes English
CycloneFanatic Mafia WAITING FOR ACTIVATION English
D2 Forums Mafia Yes English
DailyMafia Mafia Yes English
DakkaDakka Local No English
Danball Mafia No English
Dark Lord Potter Mafia Yes English
Dark n Edgy Mafia No English
darkwarez Mafia No Polish
Dashing Forums Mafia No English
Data Realms Fans Mafia No English
Dawn of Asmara Mafia Yes English
DCM Forum,9.0.html Lupus in Tabula No Italian
DCTP Forums Mafia Yes English Mafia Yes English
Destructoid Werewolf Yes English
Deus Ex Mafia Mafia No English
Diablo IncGamers Mafia No English
DiabloFans Mafia No English
Dies to Removal Mafia Yes English
Disney Infinity Fans Local No English
Dissidia Forums Mafia No English
DK Vine Mafia No English
Doggiehome Mafia No Chinese
Dominating12 Mafia Yes English
Dominion Strategy Mafia Yes English
Doomworld Mafia Yes English
DoujinStyle Mafia No English
Draft Countdown Mafia Yes English
Dragon Tails Message Boards Mafia No English
Dragonball Z Forum Mafia Yes English
Dragonmount Mafia Yes English
Dragons' Lair Lupus in Tabula No Italian
Druchii Mafia No English
DSLReports Mafia Yes English
DuelistGroundz Mafia Yes English
dxpnet Mafia Yes English
Dynaball Palermo Yes German
DynastyNet #Mafia Mafia No English
Dystopian TWG Werewolf No English
Eagle-Time Mafia Yes English
Easy Going Scans Assassin No English
EBLv4 Forums Mafia Yes English
EDEB8 Mafia Yes English
ElAntro Mafia No Chilean
Elderlands Mafia No English
Elements Mafia Yes English
Elliquiy Role Playing Forums Werewolf Yes English
Elsword Palermo Yes German
EntAsia Mafia Yes English
Entertainment News Mafia No English
EpicMafia Mafia Yes English
eRegime Werewolf No English
EscapeRestart Mafia Yes English
ESPN Sports Mafia Yes English
Eurobricks Mafia Yes English
Everybody Votes Mafia Mafia No English
Evil Genius Chat Werewolf No English
Evony Community Mafia No English
Exilian Mafia Yes English
Extreme Warfare Battleground VI Mafia Yes English
Eyes on Final Fantasy Mafia No English
Fail Forums Werewolf Yes English
Failheap Challenge Mafia Yes English
Fairy Tail Base Mafia Yes English
FanficsLandia Mafia No Spanish
Fantasy Baseball Café Mafia No English
Fantasy Strike Witch Hunt Yes English
Fantasy Wrestling Werewolf No German
Feed Me Haxball Mafia No English
Feed the Beast Werewolf Yes English
Feifantxt Killer No Chinese
Fellowship of the Dice Werewolf No English
Fever Clan Mafia Yes English
FIFA Reports Werewolf No German
Fifth Avenue Warz Yes English
Fight Tips Werewolf Yes English
FilbBoard Werewolf Yes German
FilmWise Werewolf No English Mafia Yes English
Final Fantasy FXN Mafia No English
FirePowered Gaming Mafia Yes English
Flash Flash Revolution Werewolf Yes English
Flight Rising Mafia Yes English
Flipline Werewolf Yes English
FlopTurnRiver Werewolf Yes English
Flyff World Mafia No English
Football Forums Mafia Yes English
Football's Future Mafia Yes English
Footballguys Mafia No English
Footballidentity Mafia No English
Foros de MiGUi Mafia Yes Spanish
Foros Dz Mafia Yes Spanish
Forum FCBarca Mafia No Polish
Forum Gram Mafia No Polish
Forum kibiców Arsenalu FC Mafia No Polish
Forum Kotatsu Mafia No Polish
Forum Tenis News The City Sleeps No Portuguese
ForUML Lupus in Tabula Yes English
Forumla Insidious No German
Forumopolis Mafia Yes English
Forums of Loathing Mafia Yes English
Foxkei Mafia Yes English
Foxy Stoat Mafia Yes English
Freakin' Awesome Network Mafia Yes English
Freethought Mafia No English
Front Office Football Central Werewolf Yes English
FUMBBL Werewolf No English
Fur Affinity Mafia No English
Further Entertainment Mafia Yes English
Fusanime Detective No Portuguese
Gaia Online Mafia Yes English
GalacticCactus Mafia No English
Game Maker Community Mafia Yes English
Game of Mafia Mafia No English
Game Skyrim Forum Werewolf No English
Game Spot Werewolf No English Mafia No English
GameFAQs » Commodore 64 Mafia Mafia Yes English
GameFAQs » Commodore 64 Zoids Mafia Yes English
GameFAQs » Smash Bros. for Wii U Mafia Yes English
Gamersfire Werewolf Yes English
games™ Mafia No English
GameWinners Mafia No English
Gaming Steve Mafia No English
Gaming Trend Werewolf No English
gamrConnect Mafia No English
Gare aux Garous Werewolf Yes French
Garrmondo Werewolf No English
GatheringMagic Mafia Yes English
Gay Teen Forum Mafia Yes English Mafia Yes English
Generally Polska Mafia Yes Polish
Giant in the Playground Werewolf Yes English
Global Supremacy App Mafia No English
GOG Mafia Yes English
Golden Sun Adept Refuge's Forums Mafia Yes English
GommeHD Werewolf No German
Grand Prix Racing Online Mafia Yes English
Grcade Werewolf Yes English
Greater Than Games Werewolf No English
Grey Dog Software Mafia No English
Gtx0 Mafia Yes English
GuildWars Fanfic Wikia Mafia No English
Gundam Seed Mafia No English
GunsNFNRoses Mafia No English
Hakurei Mafia No Portuguese
Halolz Mafia Game Forums Mafia Yes English
Hamumu Mafia Yes English
HappyAxeman Mafia No English
Harmonix Mafia No English
Harry Potter Forum Werewolf Yes German
Harry Potter Xperts Werewolf Yes German
Hatrack River Forum;f=2 Mafia No English
Heathen Hangout Werewolf No English
HeavenGames,,, Mafia Yes English
Hedville Mafia No English
Herdstone Mafia No English
HeroClix Realms Mafia Yes English
Heroes of Newerth Mafia Yes English
Heroes onLine Mafia Yes Danish
Heroscapers Local Yes English
HFBoards Mafia No English
Hogwarts Extreme Mafia Yes English
Hogwarts NZ Werewolf Yes English
Home on the 'Net Mafia No English
HomeSchoolDebate Mafia Yes English
HoopsHype Mafia No English Han spørger om nogen kunne finde på at modde et nyt spil!!!!! Mafia No English
Humans vs. Zombies @ ANU Mafia No English
Hunted Cow Vampire No English
Hypixel Mafia Yes English Werewolf No English
I Wanna Be the Quest Mafia Yes English
I-Novae Studios Werewolf Yes English
IBIS Gaming Mafia Yes English
Ichimonai Mafia No English
ICU Clan Mafia No English
IGN Boards Mafia Yes English
Ikariam Mafia No English
Imperial Forum Mafia No English
In The Rose Garden Mafia No English
INetMafia Mafia Yes Russian
INFJs Mafia Yes English
InsaniquariumGuide Mafia No English
InsideMDSports Mafia Yes English
Ïnstant Kingdom Werewolf Yes English
Interguild Mafia No English
International Skeptics Forum Mafia Yes English
Internet Texas Holdem Mafia No English
INTJ Werewolf No English
INTP Central Mafia No English
INTP Complex Mafia Yes English
Introversion Werewolf No English
Irish Poker Boards Werewolf Yes English
Iron Edge Mafia No English
Ironworks Online Roleplaying Werewolf No English
IwakuRoleplay Murder Yes English
Jambos Kickback Mafia No English
JazzJackrabbit Community Mafia No English
Jedi Council Forums Mafia No English
Jesus Toast Mafia Mafia Yes English
JetNation Mafia Yes English
Jeu des loups garous de Thiercelieux Werewolf Yes French
Jiggmin Werewolf No English
JJ Mafia Mafia Yes English
Just Plain Politics! Werewolf No English
JUST POST MORE Mafia No English
Juventuz Forums Mafia Yes English
Kaninchenforum Werewolf No German
Kaskus Werewolf Yes Indonesian
KH-Vids Mafia No English
Killer Online Killer Yes Chinese
King Arthur's Gold Forum Mafia No English
King of Thieves Mafia Yes English
Kira Online Killer Yes Chinese
Klamm Mafia No German
Klei Entertainment Werewolf Yes English
Know Your Meme Mafia Yes English
Knuddels Mafia Yes German
Kongregate Mafia Yes English
KrazyNet Mafia Yes English
KSiteTV Mafia No English
Last Life Werewolf Yes English
Le forum des loups garous Werewolf Yes French
Leafs Connected Mafia No English
League Unlimited Mafia Yes English
Leftover Soup Mafia No English
Legend Arena Werewolf No English
Legend Gaming Mafia Yes English
Legends of Elveron Mafia No English
Legion of Valor Witch Hunt No English
Lemmings Forums Mafia No English
lernu! Werewolf No Esperanto
Les Loups-garous de Thiercelieux Online Werewolf Yes French
Les Loups-Garous RPG Werewolf Yes French
LetsGoPens Warz Yes English
Liga der Gentlemen Werewolf No German
LigaMistrzow,gry-i-zabawy Mafia Yes Polish
Lions' Forum Werewolf No English
LiT on Web Lupus in Tabula No Italian
Literotica Mafia No English
Little Fighter Empire Mafia No English
LittleBigPlanet Central Mafia No English
LoadingReadyRun Mafia No English
Lostpedia Mafia No English
Luffy Forums Mafia No English
Lupus in Forum Werewolf No Spanish
Lusternia Mafia No English
Lviv Forum Mafia No Ukranian
Mach Entertainment Mafia Yes English
MacRumors Werewolf Yes English
MadCast Gaming Werewolf No English
Maffia New Mafia Yes Russian
Mafia Central Mafia No English
Mafia Chat Mafia Yes South Korean
Mafia Heaven Mafia Yes English
Mafia Killer Mafia Yes Russian
Mafia Lair Mafia No English
Mafia PT Mafia No Portuguese
Mafia Town Mafia Yes English
Mafia-Party Mafia No English
MafiaLandia Mafia Yes Spanish
MafiaLives Mafia No English
MafiaManiac Mafia Yes English
mafiascum Mafia Yes English Mafia Yes Russian
Magi Forums Mafia Yes English
Magic Online Trading League Werewolf No English
MaidenFans Mafia Yes English
MaisEV Werewolf No Portuguese
Malazan Empire Mafia No English
Malazan Empire Forum Mafia Yes English
Manga Fox Assassin Yes English
Manga;Gate Mafia No English
MangaHelpers Mafia Yes English
Manx Forums Mafia Yes English
MapleCrystal Mafia No English
MapleLegends Mafia Yes English
Marineford Werewolf Yes English
Mario Party Legacy Mafia No English
Markolf Mafia No Polish Mafia Yes English
Marriland Mafia Yes English
Masmorras & Dragões,5.0.html Mafia No Portuguese
MassiveCraft Witch Hunt No English
Małpie Granie Mafia Yes Polish
MC Monkey Mafia Yes English
McLeodGaming Mafia Yes English
MCPVP Forum Mafia Yes English
meet-teens Palermo No German
Megatokyo Mafia Yes English
MelbourneGamers Werewolf No English
Men's Tennis Forums Mafia Yes English
Metal Gear Online League Mafia Yes English
Metal Gear Solid Forums Mafia Yes English
Metin2 Werewolf Yes German
Midnight TCG Mafia No English
Midorea Werewolf No English
MindRomp Mafia Yes English
MiniWarGaming Mafia No English
Misfitopia Mafia No English
MIT Mafia Mafia Yes English
MMO Champion Mafia Yes English
Mofia Mafia No English
MonsterMMORPG Mafia No English
MOONSAULT Murder Yes German
Moopy Moop Mafia No English
Mord in Palermo Palermo Yes German
Morning Town Werewolf Yes Chinese
Mowangtuili Killer Yes Chinese
MSPA Forums Witch Hunt No English
MTG Salvation Mafia Yes English
MTG-Forum Werewolf Yes German
mtgrobot Mafia No English
multimediaxis Werewolf No German
MWC Message Board Werewolf Yes English
MyAnimeList » 20+ Mafia Yes English
MyAnimeList » Lucky Strike Mafia Yes English
MyAnimeList » Mafia Society Mafia Yes English
MyAnimeList » Namine's Café Mafia Yes English
MyAnimeList » Royal Medley Mafia No English
MyBroadband Mafia Yes English
MyMedia-Forum Mafia Yes English
Myth-Weavers Mafia No English
N-Europe Mafia Yes English
NADotA Mafia Yes English
NAG Online Mafia Yes English
Narnia Fans Mafia No English
Naruto Fan Mafia No Polish
Naruto Forums Mafia Yes English
Naruto Saigen Role Play Mafia Yes English
NationStates Mafia No English
Neocolours Werewolf No English
NeoGAF Mafia Yes English
neonDragon Werewolf Yes English
Neoseeker Mafia Yes English
Neowin Mafia No English
Nerdfighteria Mafia No English
NerdMentality Mafia No English
Netdecks Forums Mafia No English
New Killbar Killer Yes Chinese
Newcastle United Forum Mafia No English
Newdeavor Mafia Yes Spanish
NEWera Wrestling Mafia No English
Newerth Mafia No English
Nexus Clash Mafia No English
Nexus War Mafia No English
NFLFEVER2 Werewolf No English
Nifflas' Support Forum Mafia No English
Ninja Kiwi Mafia No English
NinSheetMusic Werewolf Yes English
Nintendo 3DS Forums Mafia No English
Nintendo Pipeline Mafia No English
Nintendo World Report Mafia Yes English
Nintendo-Online Werewolf Yes German
NintendoAge Werewolf Yes English
NintendoDojo Forums Werewolf No English
NintendoPlus Werewolf Yes English
NIS America Mafia No English
No Goblins Allowed Mafia Yes English
Northern Attack Mafia No English
Not606 Mafia Yes English
NovoCiv Mafia Yes English
NSider2 Mafia No English
ntower Werewolf No German
Nugget Bridge Mafia No English
Nuklear Power Mafia No English
Octopus Overlords Werewolf Yes English
Official Nintendo Magazine Mafia No English
Ogame Palermo Yes German
OGame Portugal Mafia Yes Portuguese
Oh, the Books! Mafia Yes English
OMGUS Mafia Yes English
One Football Werewolf Yes English
OneHallyu Mafia Yes English
OneManga Forums Mafia Yes English
Online Reality Gaming Planet Werewolf No English
Online Roleplaying Forum Mafia No English
OnlineFussballManager Forum Palermo Yes German
OPB Forums Mafia Yes English
OpenMafia Mafia No Polish
Oro Jackson Mafia Yes English
osu! Mafia Yes English
Otaku Central Mafia Yes English
Otaku Region Mafia Yes English
Overclockers UK Mafia No English
owememafia Mafia Yes English
paizo Werewolf No English
Palermo Online Palermo Yes German
Pandora Gaming Network Mafia No English
Pandora Online Werewolf No English
Paradox Interactive Werewolf Yes English
Parents Werewolf No German
Part Time Poker Werewolf No English
PCM.daily Mafia No English
Penny Arcade Phalla Yes English
Percival Dungeons Werewolf No English
Personality Cafe Mafia Yes English
Pie and Bovril Mafia No English
PilkarskieForum Mafia Yes Polish Mafia Yes Polish
Pilkipedia Detective Yes English
Pink Poogle Toy Forum Werewolf No English
PkParaíso Mafia Yes Spanish
Planet Yasi Werewolf Yes English
PlanetCricket Mafia Yes English
Play Catan Werewolf No German
Play Diplomacy Mafia Yes English
PlayDotA Mafia No English
Playstuff Mafia Yes English
Playtonic Mafia Yes English
PloungeMafia Mafia Yes English
PokeBeach Werewolf Yes English
Pokécharms Mafia No English
Pokefans Mafia Yes German
PokéFarm Mafia Yes English
Pokémon Central Lupus in Tabula No Italian
Pokémon Chaos Mafia No English
Pokémon Crossroads Mafia No English
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Werewolf No English
Pokémon Online Mafia Yes English
Pokémon Reborn Mafia Yes English
Pokémon Showdown Mafia Mafia Yes English
PokerNet Werewolf Yes Danish
PokkeriProd Werewolf Yes Estonian
Polish Gamers Club Mafia Yes Polish
Poor Shark! Mafia No English
Portal Sonic Detective No Portuguese
POSFriends,3.0.html Mafia No English
PotD Mafia No English
Power Manga Lupus in Tabula Yes Italian
Power Tab Community Werewolf No English
Pox Nora Forums Mafia No English
Pregnancy Forum Werewolf Yes English
Previously.TV Mafia Yes English
Preys-World Werewolf No English
Prime Squadron Mafia Yes English
Principia Discordia Werewolf No English
Progarchives Mafia No English
Proxer Mafia No German
Psycopath Game Mafia No English
Psypoke Werewolf Yes English
Pulse Music Board Mafia Yes English
Punsicle Mafia Party Mafia No English
Puzzle Pirates Rogues No English
QG Mafia Mafia No Spanish
Quarter to Three Werewolf No English
Queercraft Mafia No English
Questionable Content,12.0.html Mafia No English
Rajah Mafia Yes English
Rants 'n Raves Mafia No English
raocow's talkhaus Mafia No English
Rate Your Music Mafia Yes English
rationalia Mafia No English
Rayman Pirate-Community Mafia No English
Read & Find Out Mafia No English
readmore Mafia Yes German
RealMadryt Mafia No Polish
Realms Beyond Werewolf Yes English
Religious Forums Mafia No English
Revolution Mafia Mafia No English
RiffTrax Mafia No English
Rogue OM Squad Game Zone Rogues No English
Rome: Total War Heaven Forum,,, Mafia No English
RomHackersResources Werewolf Yes German
RomUlation Community Werewolf No English
Rooster Teeth Mafia Yes English
Rotten Tomatoes Mafia No English
RPG Palace Werewolf No English
RPG2000 Mafia No German Mafia Yes English
RpNation Murder No English
RuneHQ Mafia Yes English
SA Gamer Mafia Yes English
Sackinima Mafia Yes English
Sal's RuneScape Forum Mafia No English
Sanguocn Killer Yes Chinese
SC2 Mafia Mafia Yes English
SC2SEA Mafia No English
Schacharena Mafia Yes German
Schönstattjugend Fulda,10.0.html Mafia No German
Scioly Werewolf No English
ScoreHero Mafia No English
ScrewAttack Mafia No English
Scumhunt Mafia Yes English
SCW Forums Mafia No English
Sekrit Werewolf No English
Serebii Forums Mafia No English
Serenes Forest Mafia Yes English
Sexy and Funny Werewolf Yes English
Ship of Fools;f=28 Mafia No English
shoryuken Mafia No English
shoryuken-staging Mafia No English
ShrineMaiden,13.0.html Mafia Yes English
Shroomery Mafia No English
Shut Up & Sit Down Werewolf Yes English
Sillysoft Games Mafia Yes English
Sims3Forum Werewolf Yes German
Single D Central Mafia No English
SixPrizes Mafia No English
Skies of Arcadia World Mafia No English
Skulduggery Pleasant Forums Mafia Yes English
Sky9 Games Mafia No English
Slag Gaming Mafia No English
SLG Forum Mafia No Polish
Smack Jeeves Mafia Yes English
Smash Domain Mafia Yes English
Smashboards Mafia Yes English
SmashNL Mafia No Dutch
Smogon Mafia Yes English
SMW Central Mafia No English
Soccer Nerd Central Mafia Yes English
SoccerStar Werewolf No English
sofacoach Werewolf Yes German
Solid State Squad Mafia Yes English
Something Awful Mafia Yes English
Sonic Rainboom Mafia Yes Portuguese
Soul Boards Mafia Yes English
Southperry Mafia No English
Spacebattles Mafia No English
Sparkbomb Werewolf Yes English
Spell Mafia Yes Portuguese
spieleprogrammierer Werewolf No German
Spielersofa Werewolf Yes German Mafia No Danish
SpoilerTV Mafia No English
Sports-Boards Mafia No English
Spy Battle Spies No English
Squidboards Mafia Yes English
SSCU Trench Wars Mafia Yes English
Stage48 Mafia No English
Star Control Mafia No English
Star Kingdoms Werewolf Yes English
Staredit Network Mafia No English
StarQuestMinecraft Mafia Yes English
Statue Marvels Werewolf No English
Stick Online Mafia No English
Stickpage Mafia Yes English
Strona Główna Mafia Yes Polish
Student Doctor Network Werewolf Yes English
Subeta Mafia No English
SUBSIM Radio Room Werewolf No English
Subsistence Mafia No English
Super Detective Online Killer Yes Chinese
Super Mario Boards Mafia Yes English
Super Mario Bros. X Forums Mafia Yes English
Super ONM Mafia Yes English
Super Skarmory Mafia Yes English
Supercell Mafia Yes English
Supermechs Local No English
Surreality Roleplay Forum Mafia No English
Survie et Fourberie Werewolf Yes French
Survival of the Fittest Mafia Yes English
Survivor Sucks Mafia No English
Sweet Amoris,1-spielhalle.htm Werewolf Yes German
Symthic Forum Werewolf No English
Syndicate Gamers Mafia No English
Tabelando Mafia No Portuguese
Take Five Forums Mafia Yes English
TaleWorlds,367.0.html Werewolf Yes English
Talk Fantasy Football Werewolf Yes English
Talk Reloaded Insidious No German
Talking Time Mafia Yes English
TalkRational Mafia Yes English
Tawerna Mafia No Polish
Team Fortress 2 Chile Mafia Yes Chilean
Team Liquid Mafia Yes English
Teh Pwn Shop Mafia No English
Tekken Zaibatsu Mafia No English
Telltale Community Werewolf Yes English
Temple of Lore Mafia No English
Templum Iustitiae Lupus in Tabula No Italian
Tengaged Mafia Yes English Werewolf No Spanish
termoryfki,1/ Mafia Yes English
Terraria Online Mafia No English
TexasHoldem-Poker Werewolf No English
The Adult Gamer Vampire Yes English
The Angry Crayon Mafia No English
The Barrow-Downs Werewolf Yes English
The Beatles Bible Mafia Yes English
The Behemoth Community Mafia No English
The Bell Tree Forums Mafia Yes English
The Casual Collective Mafia Yes English
The Cave of Dragonflies Mafia Yes English
The Center Mafia Yes English
The Comment Section Mafia Yes English
The Complete Tales Werewolf No English
The Creative Zone Mafia Yes English
The Crit Sandvich Network Mafia No English
The Dalek Game Local Yes English
The Daventry Vaulters Werewolf No English
The Desolate Order Mafia No English
The Dream Worlds Werewolf No English
The Duck Webcomics Mafia No English
The Elite Werewolf No English
The Escapist Serial Killer Yes English
The FreddysHouse Forums Werewolf No English
The Galaxy Cauldron Forums Mafia Yes English
The Gaming Forums Mafia Yes English
The Gang Garrison 2 Mafia No English
The Gent's Club Werewolf No English
The Giraffe Boards Mafia Yes English
The Goblins Fan Forum Serial Killer No English
The Grey Labyrinth Mafia Yes English
The Hive Mafia No English
The Hyperspace Forums Mafia Yes English
The Indie Stone Mafia Yes English
The Korra Connection Mafia No English
The Last Alliance Mafia No English
The Legend of Xia Mafia No English
The Lemon Demon Forum Vampire No English
The Lion's Call Mafia Yes English
The Lions' Den Mafia No English
The Lounge Forums Mafia No English
The Mafia Lounge Mafia No English
The Mario Center Mafia No English
The Massassi Temple Werewolf No English
The Millennium Forums Mafia Yes English
The N Gamer Werewolf No English
The New Dystopian TWG Werewolf No English
The No Homers Club Mafia No English
The Official NTSD Forum Mafia No English
The Official Terry Pratchett Forums Werewolf No English
The Org Mafia Yes English
The Pack Werewolf No English
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Werewolf No English
The Pink Rose Garden Mafia No English
The PokéCommunity Mafia Yes English
The PokeGym Werewolf No English
The Raven Mythic Mafia No English
The Rockman EXE Zone Werewolf No English
The Roleplay Site Mafia Yes English
The Round Stable Mafia Yes English
The RPG Duelling League,12.0.html Mafia No English
The Simpsons: Tapped Out - EA Forums Conspiracy Yes English
The Sims 3 Mafia Yes English
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe,53.0.html Mafia Yes English
The Sluggite Zone Werewolf No English
The Speed Gamers Mafia No English
The Straight Dope Mafia No English
The Syndicate Mafia Yes English
The Temple of Kraden Mafia Yes English
The Thinking Atheist Mafia Yes English
The Town of Odyssey Mafia Yes English
The Toy Factory Mafia Yes English
The TTV Message Boards Mafia Yes English
The Unofficial Line Marvel Forum Local Yes English
The West Mafia No English
The Wizards Community Mafia No English
The Wolf Game Werewolf Yes English
ThE-WeB-MaTRiX Mafia No German Mafia Yes English
TheMagicTutor Mafia No Spanish
There Will Be Brawl Mafia Yes English
TheWerewolves Werewolf Yes German
TheXWalkthrough1 Forums Mafia No English
Thiercelieux Werewolf Yes French
THKill Killer Yes Chinese
THN Games Mafia No English
TIGSource Forums Werewolf No English
TimeSplitters Portal Mafia No English
TippingPitchers Mafia No English
Toho Kingdom Mafia Yes English
Toribash Community Mafia No English
TORN City Forums!p=forums&f=13&b=0&a=0 Mafia Yes English
Total Football Forums Mafia Yes English
Total War Center Mafia No English
Town of Salem Town of Salem Yes English
Town of Salem - Forum Town of Salem Yes English
Travian Forum Mafia Yes English
Travian India Forum Werewolf No English
Travian UK Forum Werewolf Yes English
Tribal Wars Witch Hunt No English
Tribal Wars NL Werewolf Yes Dutch
Triple Triad Advance Forums Mafia No English
Trusis Trusis Yes Italian
Truth and Beauty Bombs Mafia No English
Tulpa Forums Mafia Yes English
Turf Wars GPS Game Forums Mafia No English
TV Tropes Werewolf Yes English
Twilight Gaming Mafia No English
Two Plus Two » Health and Fitness Werewolf Yes English
Two Plus Two » Politics Werewolf No English
Two Plus Two » Puzzles and Other Games Werewolf Yes English
Two Plus Two » Sporting Events Werewolf Yes English
UESP Forums Cultist No English
UK Fan Forum Mafia No English
Ultimate Mafia Mafia Yes English Mafia No English
Undead Labs Lupus in Tabula Yes English
Underworld Empire Mafia No English
Universal Pen Spinning Board Mafia Yes English
Universo Fanfics Mafia No Spanish
Unknown Paths Werewolf Yes German
Unknown Worlds Werewolf No English
uOttawa Anime Club Mafia No English
US Gamers Werewolf No English
US Message Board Mafia Yes English
Utopia Mafia Yes English
Utopia Temple Mafia No English
Vagrant Epochers Mafia Yes English Werewolf Yes Swedish
Vendetta Strada Mafia Yes English
VenGeaNce Mafia No English
Very Serious Werewolf No English
Very Serious Work Related Site Mafia Yes English
Vevmo Mafia Yes English
Video Game Championship Wrestling Mafia Yes English
Video Game Forums Mafia Yes English
Virtual Manager Werewolf No English
VnSharing Mafia Yes Vietnamese
Voice Acting Alliance Mafia No English
WalterFootball Mafia Yes English
War Of Ninja Forums Mafia No English
Warbears Mafia No English
Warhammer 40k Forums Mafia Yes English
WarLight Mafia No English
WarOnline Mafia No English
Warrior Cats RPG Mafia No English
Wars World News Forums Mafia Yes English
WarSeer Mafia No English
webDiplomacy Mafia Yes English
Werder Mafia No German
Werewolf Werewolf Yes English
Werewolf Indonesia Werewolf No Indonesian
Werewolf Mafia Werewolf No English
Werewolf Meteora Werewolf Yes Japanese Werewolf Yes Japanese
Werwolf Forum Werewolf Yes German
Werwolf Online Werewolf Yes German
Werwolf-Online Werewolf Yes German
WestGamer Mafia No English
WFC Forums Werewolf No English
Whatifsports Mafia No English
Whirled Werewolf Yes English
WHSForensics Werewolf No English
Wifom Mafia Yes English
WindlynOnline Mafia Yes English
With the Will Mafia No English
World of Equestria Mafia Yes English
World of Pageantry Mafia No English
Worlds at War Mafia Yes English
Wrestling Forum Mafia Yes English
WrestlingGamesBoard Mafia Yes German
xFunZone Mafia Yes English
XGen Studios Mafia No English
xkcd Mafia Yes English
Xperts Werewolf Werewolf No English
Your Football Career Mafia Yes Danish
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Local Yes English
Yugioh Forums Mafia Yes English
Zathyus Networks Werewolf No English
Zelda Dungeon Mafia Yes English
Zelda Universe Forums Mafia Yes English
Zelda-Forum Palermo Yes German
ZeldereX Mafia No English
ZonaForo Mafia No Spanish
about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day
Hirsute Townie

The Hirsute Townie will be viewed as werewolf-aligned if investigated by a Cop ability.