Mafia Roles

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Mafia Roles:

Role Name Role Type Role Frequency Use of Action Alternative Names Related Roles Supported by Modbot
Ability Thief Power-gaining, Informative Rarely Night Role Thief, Role Oracle, Rogue No
Absentee Voter Protective Rarely Night Commuter, Silencer No
Absorber Passive, Power-gaining Rarely Night Cyborg, Homeless Person Yellow Goo No
Actor Voting Rarely Day Hammerer No
Actress Misleading, Informative, Role Reveal Occasionally Night Shapeshifter, Morpher No
Addictive Cop Informative, Misleading Rarely Night Cop, Naive Cop, Paranoid Cop No
Adrenalin Junkie Protective, Passive Rarely N/A Bleeder, Zombie, Time Stopper, Scharping Apportioner, Time Protector No
Alarmist Support Rarely Night Shrink Converter, Cult Leader, Deprogrammer No
Alert Townie Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Narcissistic Watcher Watcher No
Alien Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Jailkeeper, Rolestopper No
Alignment Cop Informative Common Night Bloodhound Cop Yes
Ambulance Driver Informative Rarely Night Protection Cop Tooth Fairy, Police Commissioner No
Amnesiac Third Party, Role-changing Rarely Night Universal Backup, Mimic No
Amnesiac Cop Informative, Linked Rarely Night Forgetful Cop, Oracle Cop No
Amplifier Support Rarely Night Protector, Strongman No
Anarchist Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Serial Killer No
Ancient Passive Rarely N/A No
Anti-Doctor Killing Rarely Night Doctor No
Apportioner Protective Rarely Night Moira, Goddess of Fate Adrenalin Junkie, Time Protector No
Architect Communicative, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Chef, Matchmaker Masonizer, Neighborizer, Kidnapper No
Armorsmith Protective, Support Occasionally Night Armorer, Blacksmith Bulletproof No
Arms Dealer Manipulative, Killing Rarely Night Vigilante No
Arsonist Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Pyromaniac Serial Killer No
Ascetic Passive, Protective Occasionally N/A Action-Immune, Monk Commuter, Asceticiser No
Asceticiser Support, Protective Occasionally Night Pediatrician Rolestopper, Ascetic No
Asshole Protective Rarely Night Bastard Hider, VIP, Babysitter No
Associate Misleading Rarely Night Gunsmith, Fabricator, Saboteur No
Astronomer Manipulative Rarely Both cycles Paralyzer, Princess No
Asylum Doctor Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Doctor No
Atheist Third Party Rarely Night Politcian, Frontrunner No
Attention Seeker Manipulative, Redirection Rarely Night Beguiler, Duplicate, Deva No
Avenger Killing Rarely Night Hunter, Soul Linker No
Avoider Manipulative Rarely Night Roleblocker, Bulletproof Avoider No
Babysitter Protective Rarely Night Death Angel Bodyguard No
Backup Passive, Support, Linked Occasionally N/A Doppelgänger Universal Backup No
Baker Support Rarely Night No
Bartender Manipulative Rarely Night No
Beguiler Redirection, Protective Occasionally Night Nexus, Hider, Deflector No
Berserker Killing Rarely Night Samurai Vigilante No
BFF Linked Rarely N/A Emissary No
Big Brother Informative, Mass Effect Rarely Night Super Watcher Mystic No
Black Goo Passive, Role-changing, Third Party Rarely N/A Cult Leader, Cultist No
Black Hat Manipulative, Mass Effect, Role Reveal Rarely N/A Forensic Scientist No
Blackjack Mass Effect, Role-changing Rarely Day Mad Scientist No
Blob Third Party, Mission, Passive Rarely N/A Zombie No
Bodyguard Protective Occasionally Night Martyr, Paladin, White Knight, Private Security, Body Double, Human Shield Bodyguard Boss, Roleblocker Bodyguard Yes
Bodyguard Boss Protective, Manipulative, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Bodyguard No
Bodyguard Jailkeeper Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Bodyguard, Jailkeeper No
Bomb Killing, Passive Occasionally N/A Paranoid Gun Owner No
Bomb Defuser Protective Rarely Day Anarchist No
Boogeyman Killing, Third Party, Mission Rarely Night Serial Killer No
Bounty Hunter Third Party, Mission, Killing Rarely Night Serial Killer, Lyncher No
Brainshocker Redirection Rarely Night Roleblocker, Mirror, Reflector, Redirector, Deva No
Bulletproof Protective, Passive Occasionally N/A Superhero, Golem Lynchproof, Deathproof, Armorsmith No
Bulletproof Avoider Protective Rarely Night Specific Armor Bulletproof, Avoider No
Bumbling Cop Killing, Misleading Rarely Night Cop, Paranoid Cop, Insane Cop, Random Cop, Naive Cop No
Burglar Manipulative, Role-changing Occasionally Night Changeling Role Thief, Vanillaizer, Yellow Goo, Megaman, Role Swapper, Purple Goo No
Bus Driver Redirection, Multi-targeting Occasionally Night Transporter, Chauffeur, Charon Taxi Driver, Traffic Controller No
Businessman Support Rarely Night Inventor, Lyncher, Gambler No
Bystander Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Sleepwalker, Gravedigger No
Cannibal Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Serial Killer, Psychopath No
Cannibal Baker Support, Killing Rarely Night Inventor, Ninja Baker, Pirate Baker No
Cannoneer Support, Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A No
Captain Manipulative Rarely Day Overseer, Commander No
Caroler Informative, Support Rarely Night Singer Dreamer No
Chief of Police Informative Rarely Night Cop No
Child Murderer Killing, Passive Rarely N/A Childkiller Innocent Child No
Claim Vigilante Killing Occasionally Night Claim Killer, Character Vigilante, Guesser, Riddler, Name Vigilante Riddler No
Clairvoyant Informative Occasionally Night Mechanics Seer, Mechanics Oracle, Oracle, Prophet, Mechanics Cop, Loremaster Hobo No
Clockmaker Mission, Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Serial Killer No
Colorblind Cop Informative Rarely Night Fruit Vendor No
Command Based Robot Multi-power Rarely Night Jack of All Trades No
Communication Cop Informative Rarely Night Mason, Lover, Neighbor No
Communist Mission, Third Party Rarely N/A Jester, Sasquatch No
Commuter Protective Occasionally Night Camper, Coward, Thoughtful Painting Bulletproof, Ascetic, Hider No
Companion Protective, Redirection Rarely Night Alien, Magnet No
Confidant Informative Rarely Night Sidekick No
Confirmation Cop Informative Rarely Night Cop No
Consigliere Misleading Rarely Night Godfather, Traitor No
Conspiracy Theorist Informative Rarely Night Alien Cop No
Converter Role-changing Rarely Night Shaman, Recruiter, Missionary, Seductress No
Cop Informative Common Night Full Cop, Sheriff, Seer, Investigator, Psychic, Bloodhound, Scout, Detective, Diviner, Analyst, Government Agent, Oracle, Commandant, Fortune Teller No
Cop Invalidator Manipulative Rarely Night Lawyer Cop No
Copycat Multi-power, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Ability Thief, Role Thief, Rogue, Duplicate, Radiant No
Coroner Informative Rarely Night Mortician, Forensic Cop, Undertaker, Medical Examiner Mortician, Forensic Investigator No
CPR Doctor Protective, Killing Occasionally Night Doctor No
Crazy Old Man Misleading Rarely N/A Miller, Traitor No
Creepy Girl Mission, Third Party Rarely Night No
Crippler Killing Occasionally Night Trapper No
Cult Leader Manipulative, Mission, Role-changing, Third Party Rarely Night Vampire, Werewolf Cultist No
Cultist Third Party Rarely N/A Cult Leader No
Cupid Role-changing, Communicative Rarely Night Eros Lover, Nymphomaniac No
Cycle Doctor Protective Rarely Night Doctor No
Dealmaker Misleading, Support Rarely Night Rumplestiltskin False Inventor No
Death Miller Passive, Role Reveal Rarely N/A Miller, Universal Miller No
Death Tailor Misleading, Role Reveal Occasionally Night Tailor, Scrambler, Warlock, Illusionist Tailor, Deceiver No
Deathproof Protective, Passive Rarely Both cycles Immovable Object Bulletproof, Lynchproof No
Deceiver Misleading, Role Reveal Rarely Night Tailor No
Decoy Misleading Rarely Night Visitor, False Positive, Tourist Fruit Vendor, Sleepwalker No
Deflector Redirection, Multi-targeting Occasionally Night Redirector Redirector, Beguiler, Nexus No
Delayed Vigilante Killing Rarely Night Vigilante No
Deprogrammer Role-changing, Support Rarely Night Purifier Alarmist No
Deputy Informative Occasionally Night Backup Cop, Retired Cop, Apprentice Seer, Latent Seer, Latent Cop Cop, Nurse No
Desperado Killing Rarely Day Midnight Desperado, Executioner, Sheriff No
Deva Manipulative Rarely Night Brainshocker, Duplicate, Attention Seeker No
Disguiser Misleading, Role-changing, Role Reveal Occasionally Night Doppelgänger Shapeshifter, Replicator No
DNA Analyst Informative Rarely Night Watcher No
Doctor Protective Common Night Archangel, Sorcerer, Herbalist, Angel, Guardian, Cleric, Mediator, Physician Bodyguard, Jailkeeper, Weak Doctor, Cycle Doctor Yes
Doctor Boom Passive, Killing Rarely N/A No
Don Killing, Passive, Support, Mass Effect Rarely N/A No
Doppelgänger Misleading, Linked, Passive Rarely N/A No
Double Agent Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Serial Killer No
Doublevoter Voting Occasionally Day Mayor, Politician, Noble, Elder, Multivoter, Judge Triplevoter, Votebuyer, Vote Manipulator No
Dreamer Informative Rarely Night Dream Cop Caroler, Sleuth No
Duelist Killing Rarely Day Gladiator No
Duke Voting, Mass Effect Rarely Day Governor, Judge Governor No
Duplicate Power-gaining Rarely Night Clone, Copycat Radiant, Deva, Copycat No
Electrician Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Reverse Cop Psychic No
Electromaniac Killing Rarely Night No
Emissary Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Informed Townie, Knowledgable Townie, Beholder BFF No
Enabler Passive, Support Occasionally N/A Supporter, Cheerleader Switch No
Enchantress Informative Rarely Night Hot Potato No
Encryptor Communicative, Passive, Support, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Daytalker, Communication Enabler No
Escape Artist Voting, Passive, Role Reveal Rarely N/A Phoenix, Self-Reviver, Revenant Lynchproof, Innocent Child No
Evangelistic Townie Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Cult Miller Miller No
Evil Mastermind Killing, Role-changing, Communicative, Third Party, Linked Rarely Night Mentor Cult Leader, Cultist No
Evil Minion Communicative, Killing, Third Party, Linked Rarely Night Mentee Cult Leader, Cultist No
Executioner B Killing, Voting Rarely Day No
Fabricator Misleading Rarely Night Fake Gunsmith, Fake Blacksmith, Fake Armorsmith Gunsmith, Armorsmith, Saboteur, Associate No
Faith Healer Protection Rarely Night No
False Inventor Misleading Rarely Night False Gift-giver Jack of All Trades, Inventor, Dealmaker No
Fat Townie Protective, Passive Rarely N/A Bulletproof No
FBI Agent Informative Rarely Night Serial Killer Cop, SK Cop Serial Killer No
Fiddler Manipulative Rarely Night Silencer No
Firearms Inspector Informative Rarely Night Gunsmith Flavor Cop No
Firefighter Protective Rarely Night Arsonist No
Fisherman Multi-power Rarely Night Jack of All Trades No
Fixer Support Rarely Night Unvanillaizer Vanillaizer No
Flavor Cop Informative Rarely Night Investigator Firearms Inspector No
Fog Mass Effect, Support Rarely N/A Psychotrooper No
Follower Informative Occasionally Night Tracker, Motion Detector, Cop No
Forensic Investigator Informative Rarely Night Super Watcher, Crime Scene Investigator, Death Watcher Coroner, Mortician No
Forensic Scientist Passive, Support, Mass Effect, Role Reveal Rarely N/A Revealer No
Forger Manipulative Rarely Night No
Forgetful Townie Other Rarely N/A No
Framer Misleading Occasionally Night Warlock, Scrambler, Frame Artist Lawyer, Tailor No
Freelancer Mission, Third Party Rarely N/A Jester No
Freezer Manipulative Rarely Night Roleblocker No
Friendly Neighbor Informative Rarely Night No
Friendly Neighborizer Communicative Rarely Night Neighborizer, Masonizer No
Frontrunner Third Party, Mission Rarely N/A Nostradamus Survivor, Atheist No
Fruit Vendor Informative Rarely Night Visitor Decoy, Colorblind Cop No
Gallis Voting, Passive Rarely N/A Hated, Loved No
Gambler Mission, Power-gaining Occasionally Night Bookie Warlock No
Ghost Informative Rarely Night Apparition Hypnotist No
Gladiator Voting Rarely Day Duelist No
Godfather Passive, Misleading Common N/A Alpha, Alpha Werewolf, Shadow Wolf Miller Yes
Governor Voting Occasionally Day Mayor, Judge, Don, Activist Duke No
Gramps Passive, Protective, Informative Rarely N/A Bulletproof, Psychic No
Gravedigger Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Universal Miller, Bystander No
Great Teacher Role-changing, Support Rarely Night Traitor, Psychiatrist No
Green Goo Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A Vanillaizer No
Guardian Angel Mission, Third Party, Protective, Linked Rarely Night Angel Unlyncher, Doctor No
Gunsmith Support, Killing Occasionally Night Gunshop Owner, Weaponsmith Armorsmith, Fabricator No
Hacker Informative Occasionally Night Cop Hacker No
Hammerer Voting, Passive Rarely N/A Actor No
Hated Passive, Voting Rarely N/A Loved No
Healer Protective Occasionally Day Poison Doctor Poisoner, Immunizer No
Hero Passive, Killing Rarely N/A Champion, Knight King, Kingmaker No
Hider Informative, Protective Occasionally Night Sneak, Harlot Commuter, Asshole No
Hippie Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A No
Hirsute Townie Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Werewolf Miller Miller No
Hitman Support Occasionally Night Strongman, Ninja No
Hobo Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Penguin, Schizophrenic, Clairvoyant No
Hollow Man Passive Rarely N/A Invisible Man, Friendly Ghost Bulletproof, Lynchproof No
Hoodlum Third Party, Mission Rarely N/A Lyncher, Survivor No
Hot Potato Manipulative Rarely Night Roleblocker, Enchantress No
Hunter Killing Occasionally Night Vengeful, Revenant, Dirty Old Bastard, Brutal, Woodcutter No
Hypnotist Informative Rarely Night Ghost No
Hypochondriac Other Rarely N/A Doctor, Ascetic No
Illusionist Killing, Misleading Rarely Both cycles Fabricator, Gunsmith No
Immunizer Protective, Support Rarely Night Healer, Poison Doctor Healer, Poisoner No
Inactivity Vigilante Killing Rarely Night Scavenger, Slank Vigilante Vigilante, Squasher No
Indecisive Voter Voting Rarely Night Follower No
Innocence Cop Informative Rarely Night Cop No
Innocent Child Informative Occasionally Day Celebrity Child Murderer No
Inquisitor Killing, Role-changing, Third Party Rarely Night Vigicultist Cult Leader, Serial Killer No
Insane Cop Misleading, Informative Occasionally Night Naive Cop, Random Cop, Paranoid Cop No
Insane Doctor Protection, Killing Rarely Night Malpractice Doctor Doctor, Insane Cop No
Insomniac Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Narcissistic Voyeur Voyeur No
Interceptor Killing, Manipulative Rarely Both cycles Trapper No
Inventor Support Occasionally Night Gift-giver, Delivery Boy Jack of All Trades, False Inventor No
ITA Doctor Protective Rarely Night Doctor No
ITA Master Killing Rarely Day ITA Nerfer No
ITA Nerfer Support Rarely Night ITA Invalidator ITA Master No
ITA Sniper Killing Rarely Day ITA Master, ITA Nerfer No
ITA Trainer Support Rarely Night ITA Potentiator, ITA Booster ITA Master, ITA Nerfer No
Item Thief Manipulative Rarely Night Thief, Burglar, Flavor Cop Role Thief, Ability Thie No
Jack of All Trades Multi-power Occasionally Night Magician, JOAT, Witch, Druid, Conjurer, Mage Schizophrenic, Super Backup No
Jailkeeper Protective, Manipulative Common Night Prostitute, Jailor, Paranoid Doctor, Consort, Hooker, Escort, Nurse, Armor Alien Yes
Janitor Manipulative, Role Reveal Occasionally Night No
Jester Mission, Passive, Third Party Occasionally N/A Lynchee, Village Idiot, Fool Pseudojester No
Jester Scum Passive, Misleading, Role Reveal Rarely N/A No
John Doe Informative Rarely Night No
Joker Role-changing, Power-gaining Rarely N/A Doctor Helgo, Wild Card, X-Morpher No
Journalist Posting Rarely Night Reporter, Newscaster Modposter No
Judas Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A Saulus No
Judge Killing Rarely Night Vigilante, Inactivity Vigilante, Squasher No
Judicator Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Commuter No
Keymaker Protective, Support Rarely Night Ascetic, Alien, Jailkeeper No
Kidnapper Communicative Rarely Day Neighborizer, Masonizer No
Killjoy Role-changing, Support Rarely Night Anti-Jester Jester No
King Voting Rarely Day Mayor, Boss, President Kingmaker No
Kingmaker Voting Rarely Night King No
Late Townie Other Rarely N/A No
Lawyer Misleading Occasionally Night Godfatherizer, Corrupt Lawyer, Chameleonizer Godfather, Tailor, Morpher No
Lazy Vigilante Killing Rarely Night Vigilante No
Leader Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Lightkeeper, Poll Booth Manager No
Legal Archivist Informative Rarely Night Probate Lawyer No
Leprechaun Redirection, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Deflector, Alphabet Deflector Deflector No
Lie Detector Informative Rarely Night Truthsayer No
Lightning Rod Redirection Occasionally Night Magnet, Decoy, Sidekick Nexus, Magnet, Redirector No
Little Girl Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Nosy Neighbor, Invisible Man, Tabloid Reporter, Infiltrator, Spy No
Loner Other Rarely N/A No
Lost Mason Linked, Communicative, Passive Rarely N/A Mason No
Lottery Winner Passive, Support Rarely N/A No
Loudmouth Passive Rarely N/A No
Loved Passive, Voting Rarely N/A Hated No
Lover Communicative, Linked Occasionally N/A Sibling Mason, Neighbor No
Lumberjack Role-changing Rarely Night Bloodsucker, Woodcutter, Tree Stump Maker Tree Stump No
Lycan Third Party, Killing Rarely Night Riddler, Claim Vigilante No
Elimination Bait Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A No
Eliminated Mission, Linked Occasionally N/A Victim Lyncher No
Executioner BA Mission, Linked, Third Party Occasionally Day Executioner, Grudge, Assassin, Hunter Lynchee No
Lynchproof Protective Occasionally Day Prince, Unlynchable, Unlynchable Townie, Armoire Bulletproof, Deathproof, Escape Artist No
Macho Cop Informative Rarely Night Die Hard Cop Cop No
Mad Gunman Killing Rarely N/A Lynch Bomb Bomb, Hunter No
Mad Scientist Role-changing Rarely Night Burglar, Blackjack No
Mafia Goon Other Common N/A Werewolf, Baddie Yes
Magistrate Voting Rarely Night Kidnapper, Old Hag Silencer No
Magnet Redirection Rarely Night Self-Redirector, Toreador Lightning Rod, Redirector, Nexus, Victim, Companion No
Martyr Mass Effect, Killing, Protective Rarely Night Pacifist, Virgin, Pope No
Mason Communicative, Linked Common N/A Templar, Freemason, Sibling Neighbor, Lover, Masonizer No
Mason Finder Linked, Communicative Rarely Night Mason, Masonizer No
Masonizer Communicative Occasionally Varies Neighborizer No
Mass Murderer Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Serial Killer, Arsonist No
Match Finder Informative Rarely Night Communication Cop No
Mediator Multi-power, Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Doctor, Roleblocker No
Medicine Man Misleading Rarely Night Quack, Shaman Paranoid Cop No
Medium Communicative, Informative Occasionally Night Ghost Whisperer, Whisperer, Psychic, Spirit Talker, Mindreader Messenger No
Megaman Killing, Role-changing, Power-gaining Rarely Day No
Mentalist Informative, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Quasi Seer, Quasi Cop Cop, Parity Cop No
Messenger Communicative Occasionally Night Mailman, Courier, Whisperer, Gossip, Telepath, Spy, Journalist, Message Sender Modposter No
Methodical Cop Informative Rarely Night Cop, Paranoid Cop, Bumbling Cop, Insane Cop, Naive Cop, Random Cop No
Miller Passive, Misleading Common N/A Suspect, Tinker Death Miller, Universal Miller, Framer, Godfather, Tailor, Scrambler Yes
Millionaire Other Rarely N/A Tree Stump No
Mime Mission, Communicative, Third Party Rarely N/A Jester Roleblocker Jester No
Mimic Role-changing, Informative Rarely Night Amnesiac, Vanilla Townie No
Mind Controller Redirection Rarely Night Witch No
Mirror Passive, Redirection Rarely N/A Magnet, Ascetic, Reflector, Brainshocker No
Mirror Maker Redirection, Killing Rarely Night Kill Deflector Survivalist, Mirror, Deflector, Bodyguard Boss, VIP, Deflector, Reflector No
Mistletoe Mission, Third Party, Informative, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Zombie No
Modifier Manipulative, Support Rarely Night No
Modposter Posting Occasionally Night Minstrel, Town Crier, Newscaster, Dawn Narrator Messenger No
Monitor Informative Occasionally Night Journalist, Informant Pathologist No
Monk Third Party, Mission, Protective Rarely Night Siren, Warlock No
Moon Wolf Third Party, Killing Rarely Night Serial Killer, Mass Murderer No
Morpher Misleading Rarely Night Shapeshifter, Copier, Clone, Duplicate Shapeshifter, Actress, Godfather, Lawyer No
Mortician Informative, Role Reveal Rarely Night Coroner, Forensic Cop, Priest Coroner, Forensic Investigator No
Motion Detector Informative Occasionally Night Peeping Tom No
Motivator Support Occasionally Night Monolith, Chef, Quendan Recharger No
Mugger Power-gaining Rarely Night Strongman, Ninja, Hitman, Role Thief, Rogue No
Multi Doctor Protective Rarely Night Doctor No
Muse Support, Passive Rarely N/A Player Enabler Enabler, Amnesiac Cop, Proxy No
Mute Voting Rarely Day Voteless, Minor, Good Samaritan, Pacifist, Non-Voter Votebuyer, Vote Manipulator No
Mystic Informative Rarely Night Fortune Teller Big Brother No
Naive Cop Informative, Misleading Occasionally Night Paranoid Cop, Random Cop, Insane Cop No
Naive Doctor Protection, Misleading Rarely Night Quack Doctor No
Neapolitan Informative Rarely Night Vanilla Cop Vanilla Cop No
Necromancer Support Occasionally Night Reviver, Angel, Retributionist, Healer, CPR Instructor, Witch Doctor, Retributionist Ritualist No
Neighbor Communicative Occasionally Both cycles Mason, Lover No
Neighborhood Watchman Informative, Communicative, Linked Rarely Night Watcher Mason Mason, Watcher No
Neighborizer Communicative Occasionally Varies Masonizer, Neighbor, Architect No
Neutralizer Informative, Killing Rarely Night Primer Strongman, Ninja, Hitman No
Nexus Passive, Redirection Rarely N/A Random Redirector Lightning Rod, Redirector, Randomizer, Ascetic, Deflector, Beguiler No
Ninja Passive, Misleading Occasionally Night Infiltrator Sensei, Tracker, Watcher, Strongman, Hitman No
Ninja Baker Support Rarely Night Inventor, Rogue, Cannibal Baker, Pirate Baker No
Normalizer Manipulative, Role-changing Rarely Night No
Nurse Protection Occasionally Night Backup Doctor Doctor No
Nymphomaniac Communicative Rarely Night Lover Lover, Cupid No
Observer Informative Rarely Night Agent Tracker, Watcher No
Old Man Other Rarely N/A No
Oracle Informative Occasionally Night Death Cop Producer No
Pacifist Protective, Manipulative, Mass Effect Rarely Day Governor, Astronomer, Princess, Paralyzer, Virgin, Martyr No
Paparazzi Informative Rarely N/A Mafia Oracle Oracle No
Paralyzer Voting, Mass Effect Rarely Day Dark Lord No
Paranoid Bat Owner Passive, Manipulative Rarely N/A Silencer, Paranoid Gun Owner No
Paranoid Cop Informative, Misleading Occasionally Night Madman Naive Cop, Random Cop, Insane Cop No
Paranoid Doctor Protection, Manipulative, Misleading Rarely Night Jailkeeper Jailkeeper No
Paranoid Gun Owner Passive, Killing Occasionally Night Veteran, Army Veteran, Granny Bomb, VIP No
Parasite Misleading Rarely Night Ninja No
Parity Cop Informative Rarely Night Cop, Sleuth No
Parrot Power-gaining Rarely Night Duplicate, Mirror No
Party Host Communicative, Mass Effect Rarely Day Architect No
Pathologist Informative Rarely Night Monitor, Mortician, Medium No
Peeping Tom Informative Occasionally Night Watcher, Motion Detector, Reporter No
Penguin Informative Rarely Night Schizophrenic, Inventor, Hobo No
Personal Bodyguard Protective, Passive, Linked Rarely Both cycles Specific Bodyguard, Character Bodyguard, Targeted Bodyguard Bodyguard No
Pirate Baker Support, Manipulative Rarely Night Inventor, Role Thief, Ninja Baker, Cannibal Baker No
Points Sacrificer Multi-power Rarely Night Jack of all Trades No
Poisoner Killing Occasionally Night Toxicologist Healer, Immunizer No
Police Commissioner Informative Rarely Night Investigation Cop Ambulance Driver, Tooth Fairy, Confirmation Cop No
Politician Voting, Third Party, Role-changing Rarely N/A Doublevoter, Atheist No
Pollster Voting, Mass Effect Rarely Night No
Pope Protective, Mass Effect Rarely Night Virgin, Pacifist No
Possessor Role-changing Rarely Night Yakuza, Converter No
President Linked Rarely Day Secret Service Agent No
Pretender Role-changing, Multi-power, Power-gaining Rarely Night Mutant Jack of all Trades No
Priest Protective Rarely Night Herbalist Doctor No
Princess Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Beloved Princess Pacifist No
Private Investigator Informative Rarely Night Cult Cop Cult Leader, Cultist No
Probate Lawyer Support, Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A No
Prober Informative, Manipulative Rarely Night Inquisitor Cop, Vanillaizer No
Producer Informative Rarely Night Oracle, Paparazzi No
Prophet Mission, Third Party Rarely N/A Frontrunner No
Protector Support Occasionally Night Transporter, Amplifier, Rescuer, Cheerleader Strongman, Amplifier No
Proxy Informative, Passive, Linked Rarely N/A Amnesiac Cop No
Pseudojester Role-changing, Mission, Third Party Rarely N/A Jester No
Psychiatrist Support, Role-changing Rarely Night Shrink, Exorcist Serial Killer No
Psychic Informative, Passive Rarely N/A Electrician No
Psychopath Killing Rarely Night Vigilante, Compulsive Vigilante, Overeager Vigilante Vigilante, Serial Killer, Cannibal No
Psychotrooper Misleading, Passive, Third Party, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Fog No
Puppet Master Redirection, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Puppeteer Protector, Redirector No
Purple Goo Passive, Role-changing, Manipulative Rarely N/A Role Swapper, Burglar No
Rabble Rouser Voting, Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Troublemaker No
Radiant Passive, Manipulative, Redirection Rarely N/A Duplicate, Deva, Copycat No
Random Cop Informative, Misleading Occasionally Night Confused Cop Naive Cop, Insane Cop, Paranoid Cop No
Randomizer Redirection Occasionally Night Computer Hacker Redirector No
Ranger Multi-power Rarely Night Trapmaster, Trapper Jack of All Trades No
Recharger Support Rarely Night Reloader Fixer No
Recruiting Mason Communicative, Role-changing, Informative Rarely Night Mason Mason, Converter, Cult Leader No
Red Goo Passive, Communicative Rarely N/A Neighbor, Neighborizer No
Redirector Redirection Occasionally Night Manipulator, Trickster Deflector, Nexus, Randomizer, Brainshocker No
Reflector Redirection Rarely Night Deflector, Mirror, Mirror Maker, Brainshocker No
Reflexive Doctor Passive, Protective Rarely N/A Doctor No
Replicator Misleading, Power-gaining, Role Reveal Rarely Night Disguiser No
Reporter Informative Occasionally Night Vanilla Cop, Tracker, Peeping Tom, Motion Detector No
Restless Spirit Voting Rarely Day Ghost Tree Stump No
Retired Marine Passive, Protective Rarely N/A Marine Serial Killer No
Retired Werewolf Hunter Passive, Protective Rarely N/A Werewolf No
Revealer Support, Role Reveal Rarely Night Death Tailor, Black Hat, Janitor No
Riddler Killing, Third Party Rarely Night Claim Serial Killer Serial Killer No
Ritualist Support Rarely Both cycles Witch Doctor Necromancer, Yakuza No
Rogue Power-gaining, Informative Occasionally Night Role Thief, Scavenger, Ability Thief No
Role Cop Informative Rarely Night Detective Cop Yes
Role Oracle Informative Rarely Night Database Tech, Cheater Clairvoyant No
Role Reverser Manipulative Rarely Night No
Role Swapper Manipulative, Role-changing, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Shuffler, Employer Purple Goo No
Role Thief Informative, Power-gaining Occasionally Night Mimic, Burglar, Thief, Doppelgänger, Pirate Baker Burglar, Rogue, Ability Thief No
Roleblocker Manipulative Common Night Bouncer, Blocker, Escort, Consort, Hooker, Prostitute, Drunk, Witch, Disabler Jailkeeper Yes
Roleblocker Bodyguard Informative, Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Roleblocker, Bodyguard No
Rolestopper Protective, Manipulative Occasionally Night Asceticiser, Isolator Jailkeeper, Alien, Ascetic, Mirror No
Saboteur Manipulative, Killing Rarely Night Fabricator, Associate No
Saint Voting Rarely Day Priest Actor No
Santa Informative, Support, Multi-targeting, Multi-power Rarely Night Cop, Inventor No
Sasquatch Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A Turncoat, Silversmith, Judas, Saulus No
Saulus Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A Judas No
Savior Mission, Passive, Role-changing Rarely N/A Underdog No
Scapegoat Voting, Passive Rarely N/A No
Scavenger Multi-power, Informative, Power-gaining, Role Reveal Rarely Night Super Backup, Universal Backup No
Schizophrenic Multi-power Rarely Night Chaos Maker, Flying Great Pumpkin, Multiple User Personality Jack of all Trades No
Scrambler Misleading Occasionally Night Framer, Tailor, Death Tailor No
Secret Service Agent Linked, Killing Rarely Night President No
Secretary Manipulative Rarely Night Cop No
Security Man Informative Rarely Night Watcher No
Seer Informative Occasionally Night Cop No
Senator Voting Rarely N/A Politician No
Sensei Manipulative, Support Rarely Night Ninja Maker, Dojo Trainer Ninja No
Sensor Informative Rarely Night Wagon Sensor No
Seraph Knight Protective Rarely Night Doctor, Stalker No
Serial Killer Killing Common Night Psychopath, Witch Arsonist, Mass Murderer No
Shaman Support Rarely Night Inventor No
Shapeshifter Misleading, Role Reveal Occasionally Night Self-Tailor, Chameleon, Mimic, Impostor, Morpher Actress, Morpher No
Sheriff Informative, Killing, Multi-power Rarely Both cycles Vigilante Cop, Stalker Vigilante, Cop No
Shrink Role-changing, Support Rarely Night Enforcer Alarmist, Psychiatrist, Steadfast Townie No
Silencer Manipulative Occasionally Night Blackmailer, Dentist, Kidnapper, Old Hag, Spellcaster Thug, Magistrate No
Silversmith Role-changing, Killing, Passive Rarely Night Turncoat No
Siren Third Party, Mission, Killing Rarely Night Monk No
Slave Misleading, Linked, Passive Rarely Night Slave Decoy Decoy, Slave Master No
Slave Master Misleading, Linked Rarely Night Slave No
Sleepwalker Misleading Rarely Night Random Decoy Decoy, Fruit Vendor No
Sleuth Informative Rarely Night PI, Private Investigator Cop, Parity Cop, Dreamer, Caroler No
Snoop Informative Rarely Night Firearms Inspector, Miller, Insane Cop, Paranoid Cop, Random Cop, Naive Cop No
Sorcerer Informative Rarely Night Agent, Spy Cop No
Soul Linker Killing, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Cupid, Avenger No
Soul Stealer Manipulative Rarely Night Invalidator No
Spartacus Other Rarely N/A No
Sponge Redirection, Support, Passive Rarely N/A Magnet, Lightning Rod No
Squasher Killing Rarely Night Vigilante, Inactivity Vigilante, Judge No
Stalker Informative Rarely Night Fixed Tracker Tracker, Seraph Knight No
Steadfast Townie Passive Rarely Night Converter, Cult Leader, Shrink No
Strongman Killing Occasionally Night Juggernaut, Expert, Unstoppable Force, Bruiser, Hitman Protector, Ninja, Hitman No
Subscriber Other Rarely N/A No
Suicide Bomber Killing Occasionally Day Kamikaze, Terrorist No
Super Backup Multi-power, Power-gaining Rarely Night Frankenstein's Monster, Megaman Backup, Universal Backup, Jack of All Trades No
Super Commandant Informative, Protective Rarely Night Super Cop Cop, Doctor No
Super Godfather Passive Rarely N/A Godfather No
Super Saint Killing, Passive Rarely N/A Lynch Bomb, Avenger Bomb No
Surgeon Protective Rarely Night Alarmist Doctor Alarmist, Doctor No
Survivalist Killing, Protective Rarely Night Kill Deflector Mirror Maker, VIP, Mirror No
Survivor Mission, Third Party Occasionally N/A Autocrat No
Switch Support, Manipulative Rarely Night Enabler No
Tactician Support Rarely N/A General, Mastermind, Planner No
Tailor Misleading Occasionally Night Forger, Illusionist Deceiver, Shapeshifter, Framer, Lawyer, Death Tailor No
Taxi Driver Redirection, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Bus Driver, Puppet Master, Traffic Controller No
Tentacled Townie Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Alien Miller Miller No
Therapist Manipulative Rarely Both cycles Cupid, Lover No
Thug Voting Rarely Night Bully Silencer No
Time Bandit Manipulative, Support Rarely Both cycles No
Time Freezer Manipulative Rarely Night Time Mage, Time Protector No
Time Killer Killing, Support Rarely Night Strongman, Hitman, Neutralizer, Ninja No
Time Mage Manipulative Rarely Night Time Freezer, Time Protector No
Time Protector Protective, Manipulative Rarely Night Adrenalin Junkie, Apportioner No
Time Traveller Informative Rarely Night Tracker, Watcher, Observer No
Tinkerer Killing Rarely Both cycles Gunsmith No
Tooth Fairy Informative Rarely Night Roleblock Cop Ambulance Driver, Police Commissioner, Roleblocker No
Torturer Protective, Manipulative, Killing, Communicative Rarely Night Interrogator, Jailkeeper, Jailor Jailkeeper No
Town Drunk Posting Rarely Day Village Drunk, Handicapped No
Toxic Goo Passive, Killing Rarely N/A Poisoner No
Tracker Informative Common Night Stalker, Hunter, Scout, Detective Watcher, Stalker, Reporter Yes
Traffic Controller Redirection, Multi-targeting Rarely Night Taxi Driver, Bus Driver No
Traitor Mission Rarely Night Lost Wolf, Spy, Minion Traitor Finder No
Traitor Finder Support Rarely Night Lost Wolf Finder, Spy Handler Traitor No
Trapper Killing Occasionally Night Interceptor Interceptor No
Tree Stump Passive, Voting Occasionally N/A Stump, Ghost Restless Spirit No
Triplevoter Voting Occasionally Day Doublevoter, Vote Manipulator, Votebuyer No
Turncoat Role-changing Rarely N/A Vampire Traitor, Silversmith No
Undercover Cop Protective, Informative Rarely Night FBI Agent Cop No
Underdog Third Party, Mission, Role-changing Rarely N/A Savior No
Universal Backup Support, Role-changing, Power-gaining Occasionally Night Gravedigger, Amnesiac, Preservationist, Scavenger Backup No
Universal Miller Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie Miller, Death Miller No
Unlyncher Mission, Third Party Rarely N/A Inverse Lyncher Lyncher No
Usurper Mission Rarely N/A Godfather No
Vampire Lord Role-changing, Third Party Rarely Night Cult Leader Cult Leader, Zombie, Voodooist No
Vanilla Cop Informative Occasionally Night Aura Seer Neapolitan, Reporter No
Vanilla Townie Other Common N/A Villager, Citizen, Human, Townsperson, Innocent Yes
Vanillaizer Manipulative, Role-changing Occasionally Night Role Remover, Role Blanker Yellow Goo, Green Goo No
Vengeful Sibling Mission, Third Party, Communicative, Linked Rarely N/A Vengeful Lover, Vengeful Mason Lover, Mason, Neighbor No
Ventriloquist Manipulative Occasionally Night No
Victim Redirection, Support, Protective Rarely Night Magnet, Lightning Rod No
Vigilante Killing Common Night Lunatic, Killer, Sniper, Renegade, Soldier, Barbarian, Savage, Assassin, Warrior, Hitman Serial Killer Yes
VIP Protective, Killing Rarely Night Ghoul, Kill Redirector Bodyguard, Bodyguard Boss, Asshole, Survivalist, Deflector, Mirror Maker, Paranoid Gun Owner No
Virgin Passive, Mass Effect Rarely N/A Saboteur Princess, Pacifist, Martyr No
Virus Third Party, Killing Rarely Night Zombie No
Voodoo Lady Mission, Killing Rarely Night Word Bomber No
Voodooist Role-changing, Mission, Third Party Rarely Night Zombie Lord, Evil Priest Zombie, Cult Leader No
Vote Cop Informative Rarely Day No
Vote Manipulator Voting Occasionally Day Doublevoter, Triplevoter, Votebuyer No
Votebuyer Voting Occasionally Day Conman, Vote Thief, Politician, Mummy Vote Manipulator, Doublevoter, Triplevoter No
Voyeur Informative Occasionally Night Follower No
Voyeur Guesser Informative Rarely Night Claim Checker Voyeur No
Warlock Mission, Third Party Rarely Night Lynch Guesser, Guesser, Neutral Gambler Gambler, Monk No
Watcher Informative Common Night Lookout, Night Watchman Tracker Yes
Watchlisted Townie Passive, Misleading Rarely N/A Serial Killer Miller, SK Miller Miller No
Weak Doctor Protection Rarely Night No
Werewolf Other Common N/A No
White Mage Protective Rarely Night Doctor No
Wildcard Multi-power, Informative Rarely Night Jack of All Trades, Schizophrenic No
Wish Granter Support Rarely Day Genie No
Witch Manipulative, Redirection, Third Party Rarely Night Mind Controller No
Witness Informative Rarely Night No
Wizard Multi-power Rarely Night Jack of All Trades, Dreaming God Schizophrenic, Jack of all Trades No
Yakuza Role-changing Rarely Night Converter, Possessor No
Yellow Goo Passive, Role-changing, Manipulative Rarely N/A Absorber, Role Thief, Vanillaizer No
Zombie Mission, Third Party Rarely Night Alien Cult Leader, Blob, Virus No
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Role of the Day

The Avenger may each night target another player. If the Avenger dies that night, the Avenger's target will die as well.