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The Neighbors are a group of players that are allowed to communicate privately with each other outside of the game thread, though they do not know each other's roles.


Neighbors, unlike Masons, do not know each other's roles. I.e. it is not guaranteed that all members of a neighborhood are town. Ideally, the alignment of a Neighbor should be as random as any other player in the game. The fear is that hosts that normally only use Masons will be "read" by the players if they suddenly use Neighbors because they want to have a town/mafia pair (often due to flavor reasons) while avoiding the controversy of having them be Masons. One way of counteracting this is by deliberately making sure, as a host, to use town/town Neighbors from time to time.

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Both cycles

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2017-01-02 Open Other Mister Rogers Neighborhood (Link) Mafia Inawordyes 4820
2015-09-06 Closed Miyazaki Mashup (Link) Mafia ljtrigirl 2941
2016-12-01 Closed Multi ball (lolempoof) (Link) Town Visorslash 15317
2016-03-07 Closed Super Smash Bros. Mash! (Link) Mafia Beck 11270
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
2016-06-13 Closed Total Drama Island! Mafia (Link) Mafia Beck 3701
2017-03-10 Custom Turbo Trying to rand and modbot screwing me over, aids turbo take 2, with things going bump in the night, (Link) Town Mafia Host 815
2017-03-27 Closed Video Game Universe (DailyMafia Invitational) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 15168
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