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The Redirector may each night target one player and redirect their night action(s), if they have any, to a specific secondary target instead of that person's original target.


For the most part, players are not informed that they were redirected. As for investigative roles, it varies whether hosts will inform them of the changed target via the investigation results. If the setup includes Vigilantes or any other killing roles, it is usually best to restrict the Redirector to only having 1 shot.

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-12-18 Closed Cereal Killers (Link) Other PR. 5397
2016-11-12 Open Other Empire (Link) Town Zork 6499
2016-10-24 Closed Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Apoc 11348
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
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