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The Strongman will, if they perform a kill, have immunity against this action being manipulated with (including Roleblocker, Redirector, etc.) or protected against (including Bulletproof, Doctor, Bodyguard, etc.).


This role is most commonly used in setups where the factional mafia kill is assigned to a specific player each night, in which case the kill will be unstoppable if assigned to the Strongman (unless the target is protected due to Hider or Commuter mechanics). Another popular Strongman variant is one that is able to target a fellow teammate and make their kill unstoppable. However, the host might sometimes make a slight modification to this variant and have the Strongman target the player that the team intends to kill instead of the player carrying out the kill, which amounts to the same mechanic, except it changes how the action is tracked/watched. This modified variant is commonly used in setups where the factional kill is not assigned to a specific player and will most often also have a limit on the amount of times the ability can be used, since otherwise it would just result in all mafia kills being unstoppable until the Strongman dies. In very large games with many town power roles, the Strongman will sometimes be a Vigilante (often with limited kills or some other modifier), adding extra guaranteed kill power to the mafia team.

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Unstoppable Force



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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-11-01 Closed Metroid Mafia (Link) Mafia dyachei 5879
2015-10-17 Open Other Teen Wolf Mafia (Link) Mafia Cobalt 6054
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