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Role Description:

The Absorber absorbs all individual night actions that target it and may use these on future nights (only one per night).


Absorbed night actions will most of the time not have any effect, i.e. a Cop who investigates an Absorber will not receive any result. Sometimes, players who have their night actions absorbed will even lose their powers permanently. The Absorber only absorbs individual night actions, meaning that they cannot absorb a factional kill (such as the mafia's nightkill) and sometimes not even non-factional kills (such as vigilante shots). Also, it varies whether the Absorber gains 1-shot or unlimited usage of night actions directed at it. Additionally, hosts will sometimes make an Absorber unable to absorb roleblocking abilities, though one should make sure to have this reflected in the order of operations if so.

Role Type:

Passive, Power-gaining

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


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Alternative Names:


Homeless Person

Related Roles:

Yellow Goo

Games containing this role:

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