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Alignment Cop

Role Description:

The Alignment Cop may investigate a player at night and learn that player's alignment.


Sometimes you may wish to specify to an Alignment Cop that they are a "sane cop", which would guarantee them that they aren't an Insane, Paranoid, Naive or Random Cop.

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-07-16 Standard Turbo #BRICKS (Link) Town Mafia Host 175
2016-08-25 Standard Turbo (censored) is damn fast at getting people (Link) Town Mafia Host 391
2016-08-21 Standard Turbo (turboathon) P6: The last one (Link) Town Mafia Host 744
2016-08-21 Standard Turbo (turboathon) Part 2 (Link) Town Mafia Host 511
2016-08-21 Standard Turbo (turboathon) Part 5: Alette is probably a wolf... (Link) Town Mafia Host 352
2016-08-21 Standard Turbo (turboathon) You're too slow (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 434
2015-12-04 Standard Turbo 1.25% Discount Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 432
2016-10-20 Standard Turbo 10% less lol village please (Link) Town Mafia Host 347
2015-10-28 Standard Turbo 100K Posts Celebration Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 370
2015-11-02 Open Other 11/02 Vigilante Mafia 17er (Link) Town Tom 1762
2015-10-05 Standard Turbo 13er Turbo (Link) Town Visorslash 626
2016-09-05 Closed 27 Mafia (Link) Mafia TheresASnakeInMyBoot 7382
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo 410 trillion dead cops turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 387
2016-08-05 Standard Turbo 777 Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 131
2016-06-11 Standard Turbo 98% less invisible turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 329
2015-11-04 Standard Turbo A terrific tuesday turbo, in which we are reminded that yall need to learn how to rand (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 441
2016-06-26 Standard Turbo a turbo where phases are measured in minutes instead of days (Link) Town Mafia Host 756
2016-07-29 Standard Turbo A Turbo With a Proper Setup and Peek Mechanics (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 427
2016-07-30 Standard Turbo A turbo without song (Link) Town Mafia Host 375
2015-10-17 Standard Turbo Actual Saturday (Night) Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 454
2016-06-03 Open Vanilla AFC NORTH (Link) Town Panther 2199
2017-03-11 Standard Turbo Again! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 446
2016-01-25 Standard Turbo Ain’t No Party Like a Turbo Party (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 388
2015-10-23 Standard Turbo Alabaster's Turbo (Link) Mafia Alabaster 383
2016-03-06 Standard Turbo alette randed wolf let's lynch her turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 358
2015-11-13 Standard Turbo Alettes Friday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 367
2016-06-30 Standard Turbo All The Way is a Great Movie You Guys (Link) Town Mafia Host 221
2016-02-20 Standard Turbo All Town Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 371
2015-11-06 Standard Turbo Allundbergs Second Turbo Rand (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 257
2015-10-16 Standard Turbo Another Fantastic FRIDAY Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 241
2015-11-17 Standard Turbo Another monday night turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 327
2015-11-26 Standard Turbo another redemption turbo, now happening IN THE PAST (Link) Town Mafia Host 454
2015-10-03 Standard Turbo another saturday night turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 284
2015-10-18 Standard Turbo Another Very Real Saturday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 324
2016-08-02 Standard Turbo apparently everyone wants zack to rand wolf again turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 426
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo apparently I'm randing this turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 392
2016-02-05 Standard Turbo Assembling All Microwaves Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 351
2017-01-05 Custom Turbo Automated Madness (Link) Mafia Zork 455
2015-09-08 Standard Turbo Awesome Beta Turbo #2 (Link) Town Mafia Host 296
2015-09-09 Standard Turbo Awesome Beta Turbo #4 (Link) Town Mafia Host 296
2016-08-05 Standard Turbo Baseball Card Clock Flowers Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 472
2016-07-06 Standard Turbo Beepis Central Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 331
2015-09-07 Open Other BGG Series #1 - BGG Standard Niner (Link) Mafia Royal Ape 816
2016-08-27 Standard Turbo Bigger Saturday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 663
2016-11-25 Standard Turbo Black Friday Turbo: When Will The Hurting Stop (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 414
2016-04-28 Custom Turbo Bomberman! Game Thread (Link) Town Chris 68
2017-03-26 Custom Turbo Book Fork Agave Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 474
2017-01-19 Standard Turbo Bring Thursdays Back (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 391
2016-09-27 Custom Turbo C9++ ONE TIME DEALER (Link) Other Mafia Host 427
2016-10-07 Standard Turbo category 4 turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 342
2016-03-07 Open Vanilla Cheeeeeeeeese! (Link) Town Cuthalion 2925
2016-04-22 Standard Turbo Chipotle Plate Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 164
2015-11-25 Standard Turbo Chocolate Cheesecake Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 330
2015-12-04 Standard Turbo Chris is playing this turbo, we should lynch him d1 (Link) Town Mafia Host 452
2015-12-23 Open Vanilla Christmas Showdown (Link) Mafia Thingyman 1025
2016-04-22 Standard Turbo cloudy with a chance of klopp (Link) Town Mafia Host 271
2016-11-21 Closed Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town Beck 1884
2016-03-14 Standard Turbo Congrats, Beck (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 347
2016-08-20 Standard Turbo CORRECT ORANGE TURBO (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 381
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo cory in da house (Link) Town Mafia Host 330
2015-12-10 Open Vanilla Crash Bandicoot (Link) Town Thingyman 983
2016-08-14 Standard Turbo Cutelute (tm) foxyturbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 331
2016-07-21 Standard Turbo Cutthroat Kitchen TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 260
2015-11-30 Standard Turbo Cyber Monday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 231
2016-12-05 Standard Turbo December Turbo: Look AAlive! (Link) Town Mafia Host 395
2016-09-26 Standard Turbo Dessert Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 371
2015-12-16 Open Vanilla Die Hard (Link) Town Thingyman 1611
2015-08-31 Closed Disney Game (Link) Mafia Thingyman 15565
2016-08-19 Standard Turbo Dogs are best Pet Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 476
2016-06-26 Standard Turbo Don't Get Blinked Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 332
2016-07-16 Standard Turbo Don't Get Peeked Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 181
2016-11-24 Closed Dragon Age Origins Mafia (Link) Mafia Legion 8611
2016-05-02 Standard Turbo dragonmount invasion turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 358
2016-09-21 Custom Turbo drunk but in bed turbi (Link) Town Mafia Host 423
2016-08-26 Standard Turbo dyachei and mor are scum (Link) Town Mafia Host 359
2016-08-04 Standard Turbo Dyachei rands a turbo! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 342
2017-03-27 Open Vanilla Europe Friendly (Link) Town smilefires 2820
2015-11-04 Standard Turbo Even More Wonderfuler WednesDAY Turbo, now randed correctly (Link) Town Mafia Host 533
2016-05-01 Standard Turbo Evening Quickie (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 445
2016-08-17 Standard Turbo Face is the Place Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 490
2016-03-20 Standard Turbo Fearless Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 201
2016-11-18 Standard Turbo firday turbo the fourth (Link) Town Mafia Host 455
2016-12-06 Standard Turbo Firsthand Revenant's First Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 425
2015-10-09 Standard Turbo Freakier Friday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 362
2015-10-09 Standard Turbo Freaky Friday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 367
2016-07-29 Standard Turbo Friday Friday Gotta Get Turbo Lynched on Friday (Link) Town Mafia Host 307
2016-02-12 Standard Turbo Friday Morning Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 464
2017-02-10 Standard Turbo Friday Turbo 2: Limestone, Hero of the Turbo: Game (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 434
2016-11-18 Standard Turbo friday turbo supreme (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 312
2016-04-22 Standard Turbo Frog Legs Sauteed With Pomegranate Juice and Rum...Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 235
2016-09-01 Standard Turbo froot (Link) Town Mafia Host 291
2016-03-21 Open Vanilla Fruit Salad Mafia (Link) Town Mafia Host 2800
2016-06-11 Standard Turbo furry behinds = furry in small patches = furry all over (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 321
2016-06-25 Standard Turbo Game Thread -- Let It Go! Turbo! (Link) Town Mafia Host 280
2016-05-06 Open Other Geordie Shore Light Game (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 1338
2016-09-03 Standard Turbo Give me a turbo-thingy sucks at titles (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 472
2016-08-08 Standard Turbo Gloves are on, pants are off (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 406
2016-08-27 Standard Turbo godot turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 455
2016-04-30 Standard Turbo Gone in 60 seconds - the 1 minute man Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 206
2016-07-06 Standard Turbo Googling at the Speed of Light Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 276
2016-08-26 Standard Turbo grumpy turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 383
2016-12-10 Standard Turbo Handful of Redemption (Link) Town Mafia Host 537
2016-05-01 Standard Turbo Heard you guys like to turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 296
2016-10-24 Closed Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Apoc 11348
2016-09-29 Standard Turbo Honestly i'm shocked this turbo started (Link) Town Mafia Host 444
2015-11-24 Standard Turbo Honoary SC II Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 336
2016-07-29 Standard Turbo HOT CURRY: A Different Love Story (Link) Town Mafia Host 281
2016-02-10 Standard Turbo How to Turbo 101 Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 409
2016-07-14 Standard Turbo Hungry Like the Town (Turbo) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 291
2016-11-23 Standard Turbo HURRRY: turbosgiving eve (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 502
2016-10-10 Open Vanilla Hydra Game 4: The Perils of Australia (Link) Mafia Stork 3101
2016-10-10 Semi-Open Hydra Game 5: Stellaris Mafia (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 1332
2016-08-22 Standard Turbo hype hype hype (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 319
2016-08-22 Standard Turbo hype x2 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 335
2016-05-11 Standard Turbo i can't believe this turbo actually ran (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 392
2016-02-06 Standard Turbo I got 99 turbos and this is one (Link) Town Mafia Host 353
2016-09-11 Standard Turbo I hate all of you Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 288
2016-02-19 Standard Turbo I Need a Doctor Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 427
2016-01-22 Standard Turbo I need to learn how to rand (Link) Town Mafia Host 262
2016-08-27 Standard Turbo I Reminisce About the Day I Got Binked (Link) Town Mafia Host 371
2016-12-10 Standard Turbo i wanna win a turbo for one in my life (Link) Town Mafia Host 321
2016-12-10 Standard Turbo I Was Born Swimming (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 420
2017-01-19 Standard Turbo I'll get it right this time (Link) Town Mafia Host 460
2016-08-03 Standard Turbo I'm not making this title a tribute to bimps turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 284
2016-08-05 Standard Turbo IDENTIFYING GAMES: YEP, IT'S A TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 294
2016-06-06 Standard Turbo if a turbo falls in the woods, you butter not beaver (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 320
2016-10-29 Standard Turbo Impostor turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 216
2016-03-13 Standard Turbo In Your First Post, Suggest a Baby Name for Panther's Kid (Link) Town Mafia Host 366
2016-11-28 Open Vanilla It's Almost Chrjastmas! (Link) Town Mafia Host 1711
2016-07-23 Standard Turbo IT'S TIME TO POCKET TURTLE (Link) Town Mafia Host 318
2015-11-25 Open Vanilla Jessica Jones (Link) Town Thingyman 1256
2016-07-25 Standard Turbo klip klopp moar swedish skum? (Link) Town Mafia Host 798
2016-03-02 Standard Turbo Krankenversicherung Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 400
2016-04-24 Standard Turbo Lamp Worldview Suitcase Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 328
2016-11-17 Standard Turbo learn to rand and start a turbo!! (Link) Town Mafia Host 383
2016-02-19 Standard Turbo lenore is obsessed with danish cookies turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 445
2016-05-07 Standard Turbo lenore made cookies to celebrate the end of Game 1 turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 306
2016-09-02 Standard Turbo Lenore vs the world (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 419
2016-09-01 Standard Turbo lettuce (Link) Town Mafia Host 349
2015-12-09 Standard Turbo Lissa Marie Gracipus Terrance D'Agostino Mackenzie Abigail Schuster's turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 383
2016-05-07 Standard Turbo lissa overuses "indeed" in wolfchat turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 369
2016-08-03 Standard Turbo lissa will rand seer, say sup, and get binked like all the others (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 419
2016-04-09 Standard Turbo LOL ME (Link) Mafia Lissa 288
2016-10-19 Standard Turbo lolalette turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 188
2016-04-09 Custom Turbo lolturbos (Link) Town Mafia Host 241
2016-12-06 Standard Turbo loluber (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 378
2016-06-27 Standard Turbo Look At Me I'm The Game Host Now Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 187
2016-06-26 Standard Turbo Look, I Was Going To Go Easy On You To Not Hurt Your Feelings TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 264
2016-07-22 Standard Turbo lynch anyone who says toaster strudel can't be one word turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 230
2017-03-02 Open Vanilla March Light Game Take 2 (Link) Town dyachei 860
2016-04-25 Semi-Open Mario Kart 8 Mafia (Long Phase) (Link) Town Mafia Host 412
2015-10-15 Open Vanilla Mario Party Mafia (Link) Town Beck 766
2015-11-02 Standard Turbo Marvelous Monday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 328
2016-08-17 Standard Turbo Meh Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 422
2016-01-04 Open Other Mel Gibson Game (Link) Town bopolis 3811
2016-02-19 Standard Turbo Midday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 305
2016-11-17 Standard Turbo midnite turbo deluxe (Link) Town Mafia Host 388
2015-09-06 Closed Miyazaki Mashup (Link) Mafia ljtrigirl 2941
2015-10-05 Standard Turbo Monday Evening Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 340
2016-06-14 Standard Turbo Monday Funday Turbo #2 (Aka the Phone Posting Turbo!) (Link) Town Mafia Host 245
2015-09-29 Standard Turbo Monday Getting Even More Mad (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 386
2015-09-28 Standard Turbo Monday Madness Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 307
2015-11-16 Standard Turbo monday night turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 367
2016-02-23 Open Vanilla Monty Python & the Holy Grail (Link) Town Thingyman 1293
2016-11-03 Standard Turbo More like :50 Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 415
2016-09-08 Standard Turbo more likely turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 335
2015-11-03 Standard Turbo More Marvelous Monday Turbo 2 (Link) Town Mafia Host 372
2015-09-28 Standard Turbo More Monday Madness Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 382
2016-01-22 Standard Turbo Morning turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 397
2016-12-01 Closed Multi ball (lolempoof) (Link) Town Visorslash 15317
2016-07-28 Standard Turbo Mustachebo! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 286
2016-02-24 Standard Turbo My Pizza Is Smarter Than You Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 554
2016-06-27 Standard Turbo Nego likes to kill cute things I heard (Link) Town Mafia Host 112
2015-11-20 Standard Turbo New Avatar Turbo - Better rand (Link) Town Mafia Host 230
2016-09-22 Custom Turbo NEW TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 432
2016-12-20 Standard Turbo Nippleman's redemption game (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 459
2015-12-09 Standard Turbo NL GOAT (Link) Town Mafia Host 192
2016-06-27 Standard Turbo No Vigging in the Library (Link) Town Mafia Host 320
2016-11-02 Standard Turbo nobody actually wants to play the turbo except mooni turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 412
2016-02-20 Standard Turbo nobody can make up their mind about whether they're in this turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 408
2016-08-06 Standard Turbo olympics schmaa bloop (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 464
2016-07-19 Standard Turbo One Alette To Rule Them All (Link) Town Mafia Host 280
2016-03-01 Standard Turbo One Turbo To Rule Them All (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 427
2016-06-28 Standard Turbo ONLY THE MODBOT CAN STOP THIS TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 238
2015-11-25 Standard Turbo Pecan Pie Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 376
2016-07-12 Standard Turbo Pew Pew Pew (Link) Town Mafia Host 217
2016-06-25 Standard Turbo Phight Club (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 521
2016-06-25 Standard Turbo Phighter Phights Phish (Link) Town Mafia Host 306
2016-07-26 Closed Pokemon Go! (Link) Mafia CrimsonFox 3960
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo policy lynch panther turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 411
2016-09-02 Standard Turbo Policy Lynch Visor for Paranoia (Link) Town Mafia Host 379
2016-01-20 Standard Turbo Post awards ceremony turbo! (Link) Town Mafia Host 276
2016-04-14 Standard Turbo Rand your own Turbos (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 300
2016-06-29 Custom Turbo RawDog Take 3 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 412
2015-12-05 Standard Turbo REAL TURBO THREAD (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 271
2016-01-18 Open Vanilla Red vs. Blue (Link) Mafia Thingyman 2168
2015-11-26 Standard Turbo Redemption Turbo (now with pie) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 352
2016-09-01 Standard Turbo Response to Your Inquiry (autofill b/c why not) (Link) Town Mafia Host 213
2016-08-31 Standard Turbo return of the benneh (Link) Town Mafia Host 521
2016-07-18 Standard Turbo Revenant the Second (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 437
2016-05-18 Standard Turbo revival won't stop spamming emoticons in skype turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 281
2016-08-08 Closed Rick & Morty Mash! (Link) Other Beck 11917
2016-07-10 Standard Turbo Rick REALLY sucks at SHC (Link) Town Mafia Host 254
2016-02-29 Open Other S1/S2 Championship Exihibition Game (Link) Town Beck 8553
2016-01-14 Standard Turbo Sandwich Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 316
2016-11-15 Standard Turbo sandwich with mayonnaisey turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 411
2016-06-24 Standard Turbo Sandwiches Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 329
2016-04-02 Standard Turbo Saturday 2rbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 422
2015-10-03 Standard Turbo Saturday Night Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 382
2016-04-02 Standard Turbo Saturday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 425
2015-10-17 Standard Turbo Saturday Twobo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 319
2016-02-15 Open Other Scooby Doo, Where Are You! 17er (Link) Mafia Beck 2871
2016-02-11 Open Vanilla Scotty Doesn't Know Mafia (Link) Town Yates 790
2017-04-03 Standard Turbo Scrap Earbuds Weird Bird Thing Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 356
2016-04-25 Semi-Open Season 3, Game 1: The Neverending Story [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia Askthepizzaguy 3974
2016-05-02 Semi-Open Season 3, Game 2: Deltora Quest [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia Visorslash 3220
2015-10-10 Standard Turbo Sexier Saturday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 279
2015-10-10 Standard Turbo Sexy Saturday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 354
2016-07-30 Standard Turbo Singing Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 193
2016-06-11 Standard Turbo Sit, Sat Turd Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 278
2015-11-08 Open Vanilla Ski Lodge Murder Mystery (Link) Town Thingyman 1273
2015-10-11 Standard Turbo Sleazy Sunday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 391
2016-08-15 Standard Turbo Smith Rands Himself Green Again (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 399
2016-08-03 Standard Turbo Smith Rands Turbo, Prays for Green Card (Link) Town Mafia Host 363
2016-01-23 Standard Turbo Snowstorm turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 204
2016-12-14 Standard Turbo some Christmas turbo thing I'm not in (Link) Town Mafia Host 418
2016-06-16 Standard Turbo Somebody loves Daleks - Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 340
2016-03-10 Standard Turbo someone playing this turbo is a duck (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 317
2016-06-12 Standard Turbo someone will fall asleep during this turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 551
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo Song Turbo 2.0 (Link) Town Mafia Host 247
2017-03-13 Standard Turbo Sorry for last rand (Link) Town Mafia Host 426
2016-03-13 Standard Turbo Spicy Read of the Day: Beck will rand villager (Link) Town Mafia Host 264
2016-07-22 Standard Turbo SR Tries to Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 243
2017-02-02 Standard Turbo ssssssshhhhhh only squirrels now (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 346
2017-03-26 Standard Turbo Standard cop turbo :) (Link) Town Mafia Host 408
2016-06-13 Standard Turbo Started from the First Signup Now We Here Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 355
2016-07-12 Standard Turbo Stomp on Spider Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 221
2015-11-08 Standard Turbo Sunday Turbo #1 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 307
2016-09-04 Standard Turbo sunday turbo lol (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 372
2016-10-30 Standard Turbo Sunday turbo x1000 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 276
2015-11-21 Standard Turbo Super Saturday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 421
2015-11-22 Standard Turbo Superer Second Saturday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 308
2016-05-10 Standard Turbo superturbo take 2 (lolissa) (Link) Town Mafia Host 266
2015-10-13 Standard Turbo Tasty Tuesday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 390
2015-10-13 Standard Turbo Tasty Tuesday Turbo Three (Link) Town Mafia Host 249
2015-10-13 Standard Turbo Tasty Tuesday Turbo Two (Link) Town Mafia Host 332
2016-05-20 Open Vanilla Taylor Swift (Link) Town bopolis 2906
2017-02-27 Closed Teenage Strongman Ninja Turtles (Link) Other AragakiAyase 6435
2015-12-17 Standard Turbo terrible players turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 365
2016-11-05 Standard Turbo test aliASS turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 210
2016-11-24 Standard Turbo Thanksgiving Turbo II: I A A F R's Lament (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 317
2016-11-24 Standard Turbo Thanksgiving Turbo V: For the Stats (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 474
2015-08-03 Open Vanilla The 2015 Mafia Championship: Finale (Link) Mafia True Champion 1958
2016-04-25 Open Other The Americans (Link) Mafia Crunkus 2753
2015-09-08 Standard Turbo The Awesome Beta Turbo #1 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 344
2015-09-09 Standard Turbo The Awesome Beta Turbo #3 (Link) Town Mafia Host 305
2015-11-28 Standard Turbo The “I’m too sexy to rand wolf” Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 372
2016-11-25 Standard Turbo The Blackest Friday: The Story Of How MU Turbos Ended Humanity (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 389
2016-07-10 Standard Turbo The Day I Left My House (Link) Town Mafia Host 281
2015-12-01 Standard Turbo The Dirty 13 (Link) Town Mafia Host 807
2016-06-30 Semi-Open The Dover Boys (Link) Mafia Bimps 6039
2015-11-09 Closed The DreamWorks Game (Link) Mafia Thingyman 15260
2016-07-01 Standard Turbo The Fantastic CrimsonBox Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 201
2015-10-02 Open Vanilla The Fast and The Furious (Link) Town Thingyman 1970
2017-03-06 Semi-Open The First Law (Link) Town Whiskeyjack 12100
2016-07-28 Standard Turbo the first turbo in 4 months where lissa rands seer (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 338
2016-06-26 Standard Turbo THE LEGEND OF BIMPS'S DOVER BOYS (Link) Town Mafia Host 267
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2015-10-28 Standard Turbo The Lynch Visor Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 380
2017-04-01 Custom Turbo The Matrix 6: Keanu Sells Out (Link) Town Mafia Host 372
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
2015-10-06 Standard Turbo The real tuesday night turbo-now occurring in the present (Link) Town Mafia Host 376
2017-01-01 Standard Turbo The Second Game of the Year: Crappy 2017 (Link) Town Mafia Host 223
2016-01-12 Standard Turbo The Second MU Turbo This Year (Link) Town Mafia Host 237
2016-10-09 Standard Turbo The Signup Took Longer than the Game Will LOL (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 361
2016-08-23 Open Vanilla The Teeth of the Hydra: A Double Stupid Game (Link) Mafia CrimsonFox 4106
2016-09-10 Standard Turbo The Turbo -J-K (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 347
2016-03-04 Standard Turbo The Turbo In Which Thingy Falls Asleep at LYLO (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 375
2015-12-01 Standard Turbo the turbo that should not be (Link) Town Mafia Host 355
2017-02-20 Closed The Ultimate Hydra Game (Link) Town smilefires 11262
2015-10-30 Open Vanilla The Walking Dead (Link) Mafia Yates 2941
2016-10-07 Standard Turbo there once was a turbo from nantucket (Link) Town Mafia Host 289
2016-03-15 Standard Turbo Thingy Can't Party Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 278
2016-07-07 Standard Turbo thingy is actually playing a turbo! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 621
2016-09-03 Standard Turbo thingyzack wolf bros (Link) Town Mafia Host 350
2015-11-24 Standard Turbo Third Tuesday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 435
2015-10-15 Standard Turbo Thirsty Thursday Turbo 4 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 403
2015-09-30 Standard Turbo this is a turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 307
2015-09-30 Standard Turbo this is another turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 300
2016-03-14 Standard Turbo this turbo actually ran (Link) Town Mafia Host 294
2016-08-30 Standard Turbo this turbo is brought to you in part by capybaras (Link) Town Mafia Host 380
2016-07-22 Standard Turbo this turbo is brought to you in part by milk (Link) Town Mafia Host 324
2016-02-19 Standard Turbo This Turbo is Funded by the Danish Government (Link) Town Mafia Host 251
2016-07-31 Standard Turbo This will probably go horribly wrong Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 340
2016-01-14 Standard Turbo This! Is! Thursday! Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 346
2016-07-21 Standard Turbo Three Word Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 318
2016-07-28 Standard Turbo Thurdbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 378
2016-04-08 Standard Turbo Thurdbo 2.0 (Link) Town Mafia Host 358
2016-07-28 Standard Turbo Thurdbo 3: Modbot Strikes Back (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 467
2016-04-28 Standard Turbo Thursday Night 13er Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 551
2016-01-07 Standard Turbo Thursday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 373
2016-07-12 Standard Turbo Tiny Glowing Screens (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 274
2016-07-12 Standard Turbo Tiny Glowing Screens Pt 2 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 364
2015-10-16 Standard Turbo Too Many Damn Girls Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 470
2015-10-15 Standard Turbo Trickier Thursday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 381
2015-10-15 Standard Turbo Tricky Thursday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 259
2016-08-26 Standard Turbo ttturbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 376
2016-04-05 Standard Turbo Tuesday Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 461
2015-11-10 Standard Turbo Tuesday Turbo - Great Dane edition (Link) Town Mafia Host 420
2015-11-24 Standard Turbo Turblow (Link) Town Mafia Host 411
2016-05-01 Standard Turbo Turbno (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 136
2017-03-25 Standard Turbo Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 367
2016-02-10 Standard Turbo Turbo 100! (Link) Town Mafia Host 374
2016-09-29 Standard Turbo turbo 2 late night boogaloo (Link) Town Mafia Host 311
2016-11-18 Standard Turbo turbo 3 (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 665
2015-11-05 Standard Turbo Turbo 8 (Link) Town Mafia Host 314
2017-03-19 Standard Turbo Turbo :) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 390
2016-04-14 Standard Turbo Turbo – pulling for you know who (Link) Town Mafia Host 221
2016-09-26 Standard Turbo Turbo for Makaze (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 446
2016-10-07 Standard Turbo turbo for newcomers (Link) Town Mafia Host 251
2016-07-18 Custom Turbo Turbo for Tentacles (Link) Town Mafia Host 302
2016-08-19 Standard Turbo turbo for the bored (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 619
2016-09-05 Standard Turbo Turbo it's good for your head (Link) Town Mafia Host 272
2016-11-15 Standard Turbo Turbo King will be Turbo Prince after this turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 204
2016-03-12 Standard Turbo TURBO KINGS Game 1 (Link) Town Mafia Host 500
2016-03-17 Standard Turbo TURBO KINGS Game 2 (Link) Town Mafia Host 295
2016-03-18 Standard Turbo TURBO KINGS Game 3 (Link) Town Mafia Host 500
2016-05-01 Standard Turbo Turbo of MafiaUniverse (Link) Town Mafia Host 266
2016-04-30 Standard Turbo Turbo of Salem (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 273
2015-12-09 Standard Turbo Turbo of the doomed (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 405
2016-02-05 Standard Turbo Turbo sponsored by Rebecca Black (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 389
2016-08-31 Standard Turbo turbo t (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 463
2016-08-16 Standard Turbo Turbo that isn't messed up like the sign up (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 362
2015-10-12 Standard Turbo Turbo the Second (Link) Town Mafia Host 140
2015-10-13 Standard Turbo Turbo the Third (Link) Town Mafia Host 334
2015-10-12 Standard Turbo Turbo Time! (Link) Town Mafia Host 308
2016-04-17 Standard Turbo turbo turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 181
2016-02-12 Standard Turbo Turbo where Town rands Town (Link) Town Mafia Host 234
2017-04-08 Custom Turbo Turbo! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 513
2016-08-21 Standard Turbo Turboathon One (Link) Town Mafia Host 378
2016-01-13 Standard Turbo Turbolicious Third MU Turbo of the Year (Link) Town Mafia Host 460
2015-11-11 Standard Turbo turboss (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 395
2016-09-09 Standard Turbo Turbotbotbot (Link) Town Mafia Host 233
2016-11-24 Standard Turbo Turbus (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 556
2016-04-29 Standard Turbo Turdbo 2 - Even Turdier (Link) Town Mafia Host 308
2016-06-07 Standard Turbo Twosday Turbo GO (Link) Town Mafia Host 364
2017-01-14 Standard Turbo unexpectedly generic turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 476
2017-01-21 Custom Turbo Unreliable Cops Turbo 7 Player Special (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 295
2016-07-12 Standard Turbo Valor > Bullies > Crayon Eaters (Link) Town Mafia Host 246
2016-07-27 Standard Turbo Vegetable Sandwich Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 344
2016-04-24 Standard Turbo Victory Lamp Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 300
2017-03-27 Closed Video Game Universe (DailyMafia Invitational) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 15168
2017-03-11 Standard Turbo Villa wins turbo! (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 438
2016-11-24 Standard Turbo VILLAGE REDEMPTION (Link) Town Mafia Host 501
2016-05-08 Standard Turbo voting in f5 is a GOOD IDEA turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 335
2015-10-14 Standard Turbo Wacky Wednesday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 410
2016-07-10 Standard Turbo We are turboing on a Sunday (Link) Town Mafia Host 294
2016-06-07 Standard Turbo We Turbo When Panther Says We Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 292
2015-11-04 Standard Turbo Wednesday Evening Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 371
2015-11-11 Standard Turbo Wednesday turbo - LOAT edition (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 459
2016-10-08 Standard Turbo weekend turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 399
2016-05-02 Standard Turbo Welcome to Town of Salem! (Link) Town Mafia Host 176
2016-06-11 Standard Turbo Welcome to Turboplex City (Link) Town Mafia Host 266
2016-06-25 Standard Turbo Who's Gonna Mislynch Phighter and TacoDebt? A Pizza? (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 307
2016-06-13 Standard Turbo why does lissa always have way better title ideas when she's not randing turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 340
2015-11-05 Standard Turbo Wildly Wonderful Wednesday Evening 13er Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 682
2015-12-09 Standard Turbo Wolves win f5 Sweep, Seer dies N1 (Link) Town Mafia Host 438
2015-11-04 Standard Turbo Wonderful WednesDAY Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 297
2015-11-04 Standard Turbo Wonderfuler WednesDAY Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 287
2016-10-02 Standard Turbo Wow Scoobs Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 297
2016-10-02 Standard Turbo Wow Scoobs Wow: The Squeakel Turbo (Link) Town Mafia Host 325
2016-02-08 Semi-Open X-Men: The Infiltration (Link) Mafia Thingyman 3902
2015-10-16 Standard Turbo Yet Another Fantastic Friday Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 375
2016-03-12 Standard Turbo Younguns and Frog will Rand Mafia, Let's String them Up and Lynch em gud (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 797
2016-07-28 Standard Turbo zack lacks originality (Link) Town Mafia Host 440
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Role of the Day

The Illusionist starts the game with 1 gun (1-shot day vigilante shot). Once per game on any night, the Illusionist may choose a target. If the Illusionist fires their gun during any day phase after having chosen a target, the gun will be revealed as having been fired by the Illusionist's target.