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The Bodyguard may each night target a player and protect them from death by dying in their stead if they're targeted for death.


Bodyguards will sometimes only protect against a single kill, meaning if multiple people attempt to kill the Bodyguard's target, both the target and the Bodyguard will die. Some hosts like to use a more powerful Bodyguard variant that has a 50% chance of killing the attacker (if the randomization fails and the Bodyguard does not kill the attacker, the Bodyguard will die in place of their target as normal). This more powerful variant might even be designed such that it would only take effect if their target is hit by the mafia team (in which case it would be a randomly selected person from the mafia team that has a 50% chance of dying, unless it's a setup that requires the mafia to assign the kill to one of its members). A different, but also powerful, variant is a Bodyguard that will cause both the attacker and the Bodyguard to die; This variant is sometimes referred to as an Elite Bodyguard.

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White Knight

Private Security

Body Double

Human Shield

Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2015-10-07 Closed Alien (Link) Mafia Thingyman 5381
2017-03-19 Closed Elemental Font Mafia (Link) Mafia Nippleman 2311
2016-06-09 Closed High Noon Mafia (Link) Town TheresASnakeInMyBoot 4613
2016-10-09 Semi-Open Justified (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 5968
2016-12-01 Closed Multi ball (lolempoof) (Link) Town Visorslash 15317
2017-03-13 Open Other Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Narrator 3127
2016-08-08 Open Other Org/CFC and MTGS inter-forum invitational exhibition game (Link) Mafia Sooh 5128
2016-05-09 Semi-Open Season 3, Game 3: Glee [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia Lissa 3557
2016-05-23 Semi-Open Season 3, Game 5: Mean Girls [Mafia Championship] (Link) Mafia the-middle-of-the-line 5834
2016-11-06 Closed Sherlock Mafia (Link) Town Prophylaxis 2974
2017-02-27 Closed Teenage Strongman Ninja Turtles (Link) Other AragakiAyase 6435
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
2016-04-21 Semi-Open The Princess Bride: a Tale of True Love and High Adventure (Link) Mafia the-middle-of-the-line 2011
2017-02-20 Closed The Ultimate Hydra Game (Link) Town smilefires 11262
2016-02-08 Semi-Open X-Men: The Infiltration (Link) Mafia Thingyman 3902
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