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Role Description:

The Bulletproof cannot be killed at night.


This is often used as a role modifier in combination with other roles (e.g. a Bulletproof Serial Killer). Most often, a Bulletproof will only have 1 vest, i.e. only be immune to one nightkill, in which case they will most often also be informed when they lose their vest. Unlimited town Bulletproofs are especially rare, since they can only be killed by the lynch. If you do include an unlimited town Bulletproof, it would be wise to either not include a Cop as well or to include Strongman capability for the mafia, since otherwise the town may have a clear and unkillable townie. If only one Bulletproof townie and one mafia is left in the game, the win will usually be awarded to the mafia. If a setup features day kills, Bulletproof players will usually have immunity against these as well.

Role Type:

Protective, Passive

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-08-01 Closed Game of Thrones Mafia (Link) Other Spider 17337
2015-09-28 Closed Heretic Mafia (Link) Town Eviscerator 7248
2015-10-17 Open Other Teen Wolf Mafia (Link) Mafia Cobalt 6054
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The Proxy will each night receive the results to the investigation made on that night by the Amnesiac Cop.