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The Clairvoyant will each night be given a new piece of information relating to the game's mechanics/setup.


It varies whether the host chooses/randomizes what information to give out on certain nights or whether the Clairvoyant is given a list of possible questions/topics to learn more about. Sometimes, hosts may even allow the Clairvoyant to freely ask a question about the mechanics of the game, though this would still require a lot of restrictions and might be impossible to do well in practice. Mechanical information could include learning how many mafia started the game, if the game has any third party roles, if the game has any roles that make investigative results not 100% reliable, etc.

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Alternative Names:

Mechanics Seer

Mechanics Oracle



Mechanics Cop


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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2015-08-31 Closed Disney Game (Link) Mafia Thingyman 15565
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The Proxy will each night receive the results to the investigation made on that night by the Amnesiac Cop.