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Cult Leader

Role Description:

The Cult Leader may each night recruit a player to the Cult, a third party faction that wins if they comprise half or more of the remaining living players.


If a Cult Leader attempts to recruit a member of the mafia, they usually either fail or commit suicide, since a converted mafia would be able to inform the Cult of the identites of all the mafia members, thereby breaking the game. If a Cult Leader dies, this may sometimes result in all Cultists committing suicide in order to prevent the Cult from becoming a secondary mafia team without a nightkill. It is generally not advisable to allow a Cultist to take over as Cult Leader. Also, many communities consider Cult mechanics very controversial and broken, so be careful about including them. Another way to balance the role is to make the Cult Leader unable to recruit power roles.

Role Type:

Manipulative, Mission, Role-changing, Third Party

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