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Death Tailor

Role Description:

The Death Tailor is a mafia-aligned player who may target a player every night and preemptively alter their role reveal if they should happen to die sometime before the next night phase. The Death Tailor is provided with a number of suits and they may choose to tailor their target with any of these suits. Once one player has been successfully tailored (i.e. have died with a tailored suit), the Death Tailor loses their ability.


I.e. the Death Tailor may target Player A on Night 1 and inform the host that they wish for that player to be revealed with a "Mafia-aligned Roleblocker suit" upon death. If that player then dies on that night or during next day, they will be revealed as a mafia-aligned Roleblocker. Another way to implement this role is to allow the Death Tailor to tailor one lynch per game without having to target the lynched player in advance.

Role Type:

Misleading, Role Reveal

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