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The Deprogrammer may each night deprogram a player. If the target is a Cultist, the deprogramming will result in them reverting back to their original town alignment.


This role is almost always a town-aligned role. This role should only ever be used in a setup where Cultists are not aware of other Cultists, since otherwise a deprogrammed Cultist would be able to out the names of all Cultists, thereby breaking the game. For the same reason, you should also not include a Deprogrammer in games where the mafia can convert townies, unless the converted townies are not informed of the mafia team's identities.

Role Type:

Role-changing, Support

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Role of the Day

The Masonizer may each night target a player, which will recruit them into a Masonry, allowing everyone within it to communicate with each other outside of the game thread. If the Masonizer attempts to recruit a non-town-aligned player, the action will fail and the Masonizer will die in the process. Once added to a Masonry, Masons will stay there permanently (until they die).