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Role Description:

The Evil Mastermind is an independently aligned role who can potentially perform one of two night actions each night. If the Evil Mastermind does not already have a living Evil Minion, they can choose to recruit one (i.e. convert a player to share the same win condition as well as private communication privileges). If the Evil Mastermind does have an Evil Minion, they or their Evil Minion can kill someone. The Evil Mastermind shares the same win condition as a Serial Killer or a Cult.


To be clear, the Evil Mastermind is not forced to recruit someone if they do not have a living Evil Minion. Also, if the Evil Mastermind dies, this will most often result in their faction losing and cause any living Evil Minion to die as well. Usually the Evil Mastermind can choose whether they or the Evil Minion will be the one carrying out a kill (and thus be able to be tracked), though sometimes the host might require the Evil Mastermind to always be the one to carry it out, or the host might make the kill unassigned and untrackable. It is rare for the converted player to retain any original abilities that they might have had before being recruited. This independent/third party version of the Evil Mastermind role is considered a balanced way to include Cult mechanics in your game. However, the Evil Mastermind can technically also be town- or mafia-aligned, though these variants of the role can be quite potent and need to be designed properly (for example, what happens if a town-aligned Mastermind recruits someone from the mafia team?).

Role Type:

Killing, Role-changing, Communicative, Third Party, Linked

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Related Roles:

Cult Leader


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