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The Executioner may once per game choose to execute a player during day if that person has received 50% or more of the required votes (for majority) at that time. This action immediately ends the day phase and causes the target to be lynched.


This role is typically mafia-aligned and mostly used in games where a majority will end the day. Most hosts will, for mechanical purposes, consider the execution a lynch, meaning that Lynchproof players will be immune to its effect. In addition, Governors and similar roles are usually able to prevent and/or replace it. If the host defines the action as a day kill rather than a lynch, the action will still usually end the day, but Bulletproof players will be immune and Bombs will cause the Executioner to die as well. Some hosts may even consider the action a lynch as well as a day kill, meaning that all the aforementioned abilities and role types will trigger or be usable.

Role Type:

Killing, Voting

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Role of the Day

The Masonizer may each night target a player, which will recruit them into a Masonry, allowing everyone within it to communicate with each other outside of the game thread. If the Masonizer attempts to recruit a non-town-aligned player, the action will fail and the Masonizer will die in the process. Once added to a Masonry, Masons will stay there permanently (until they die).