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Guardian Angel

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The Guardian Angel is an independently aligned player who is randomly assigned one player at the start of the game that they must ensure survives the game. They will have a 1-shot Bodyguard ability to use on their target on any given night. If the target is attacked that night, the Guardian Angel will die instead. If the target survives the game, the Guardian Angel wins, regardless of whether or not the Guardian Angel is also still alive.


The Guardian Angel's target is usually completely randomly chosen, meaning they can be of any alignment. Interpretations of the Guardian Angel's win condition may differ: Does the target merely need to be alive when the game is called, or do they need to survive and win? The reason that some hosts interpret this in different ways is that, technically, any town-aligned player who is still alive when the game ends in a mafia win are sometimes considered to be killed by the remaining mafia, meaning that they don't actually survive the game. However, since the Guardian Angel's win condition can be tough to achieve, particularly in large games, most hosts will allow the Guardian Angel to win even if their target wasn't a victor, as long as they were alive when a victor was mechanically decided. Some hosts may also choose to provide the Guardian Angel with more abilities in order to help them better protect their target.

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Mission, Third Party, Protective, Linked

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