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The Hunter may choose to kill a player if they are ever lynched.


There are many variants of this role. Most commonly, the Hunter will be able to freely choose someone to kill during the twilight or the night phase that occurs right after they are lynched. Sometimes, the Hunter must each night choose a target, and if they are lynched during the next day phase, the Hunter and their preselected target will die. Another variant is a Hunter who may also select someone to kill if they are killed during a night phase, in which case their choice must often be submitted before the next day or night phase ends. Finally, it's not uncommon for the normal Hunter variant to only be allowed to choose between those that voted to lynch it. If used as a role modifier, this role is often called Vengeful. Some hosts will automatically award the win to town if a town-aligned Hunter is one of the final two surviving players in a game, even if the other player is mafia.

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Dirty Old Bastard



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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2015-09-07 Open Other BGG Series #1 - BGG Standard Niner (Link) Mafia Royal Ape 816
2016-12-18 Closed Cereal Killers (Link) Other PR. 5397
2016-01-09 Semi-Open Witch Hunt (Link) Tie Empathy 1362
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