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Little Girl

Role Description:

The Little Girl will at the beginning of each day passively receive one randomly selected sentence from the previous night's mafia chat.


It can vary exactly how much is quoted from the mafia chat. This is an adaptation of the original Little Girl role intended for live play, in which the Little Girl is allowed to sneak a peek each night to catch a glimpse of who the mafia might be (if discovered, the Little Girl dies of fright). Another variant of this role is one that is actually invited to the mafia chat and are able to see the messages written without being able to see the names of those posting, which would require software that is able to anonymize the mafia team, hence why this variant of the role is most often seen on chat clients developed specifically for the game.

Role Type:

Informative, Passive

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


Supported by Modbot:


Alternative Names:

Nosy Neighbor

Invisible Man

Tabloid Reporter



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The Asshole may every night hide behind a target. If anyone attempts to kill the Asshole, the Asshole will live and the Asshole's target will die instead. However, if anyone attempts to kill the Asshole's target, both they and the Asshole will die.