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The Masonizer may each night target a player, which will recruit them into a Masonry, allowing everyone within it to communicate with each other outside of the game thread. If the Masonizer attempts to recruit a non-town-aligned player, the action will fail and the Masonizer will die in the process. Once added to a Masonry, Masons will stay there permanently (until they die).


This role is always town-aligned and essentially functions as a weakened Cop role, allowing the Masonizer to confirm townies by successfully recruiting them. Some hosts may even allow the Masonizer to live in spite of them targeting a non-town player, though this is a very powerful variant that you should be careful about including. Masonizers might also sometimes be able to recruit third party players. This is especially often the case if the third party players in question are investigation-immune. Along the same lines, Godfathers might also sometimes be recruitable and/or Millers unrecruitable. If this is the case, the host might want to specify that the Masonizer will only be able add players who would view as town if investigated.

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