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The Mime is a member of a third party team of multiple Mimes that win the game by having all of its members eliminated.


In essence, a Mime is a teamed up Jester (and as such, they are allowed to communicate privately). In its original version, the Mime team has a factional roleblock that can be used each night to potentially block a nightkill that would otherwise have been used on one of its members. However, a host could also opt to provide the Mime team with different abilities, such as a factional Doctor protection, in order to improve their chances of winning. Also, to avoid a Kingmaker scenario, it would be wise to have any remaining living Mimes automatically suicide if someone from the team is ever killed by a means other than the lynch. If all Mimes are successfully lynched, the game will usually end.

Role Type:

Mission, Communicative, Third Party

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Alternative Names:

Jester Roleblocker

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