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The Mind Controller can on any night choose to control someone's mind for the rest of the game. Once a target has been selected, the Mind Controller cannot pick a new one. If their action is successful, the Mind Controller will be informed and will from the beginning of the following night be able to decide who their target's potential night action should be used on. They will, however, not know what potential night action their target has.


This role can be implemented in a number of different ways. Some hosts may allow the Mind Controller to pick a target during day, which potentially allows them to already begin mind controlling someone on Night 1. An improved Mind Controller might only be able to mind control players with night actions, in which case the role can also serve as a sort of Vanilla Cop. A further improved Mind Controller will even learn what night action they are controlling (if any). If the latter variant isn't used, you might encounter tricky situations if the Mind Controller is, for example, controlling a multi-targeting role such as a Redirector or a Bus Driver (though a solution to this could be to merely have the Mind Controller provide 2 targets, just in case).

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Role of the Day

The Dealmaker is a mafia-aligned role that may target a non-mafia-aligned player each night and offer them a deal (a 1-shot ability). They will not be informed which role or player is offering them the deal. The Dealmaker and the mafia team will decide which 1-shot ability they wish to offer to the target, but they may not include any redacted or hidden parts to this ability (i.e. the person will always be able to use the ability as it is described to them). If the target ever chooses to use the 1-shot ability (thereby accepting the deal), they will suffer a negative consequence to be decided before the game by the host.