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The Neighborizer may each night target a player, which will recruit them into a Neighborhood, allowing everyone within it to communicate with each other outside of the game thread. Once added to the Neighborhood, a Neighbor will stay there permanently (until they die).


Neighborizers are most often town-aligned. It varies whether or not the Neighborizer and his target(s) are allowed to speak only at night or at all times. The target is added to the Neighborhood after night though, so no matter what a host should never allow them to speak during the night of recruitment (since otherwise you would also be making the recruitment action unblockable). Neighborizers usually do not have any Neighbors at the beginning of the game. Sometimes, the Neighborizer's targets might only remain in the Neighborhood for a limited amount of time (such as the following day or night phase). Additionally, a Neighborizer might also sometimes be allowed to kick out one of their previous targets.

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