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Role Description:

The Paralyzer may once during the game call upon night to occur immediately, locking in everyone's votes and instantly revealing the lynch result.


This role does not cause the lynch to be skipped. Rather, the lynch result will be decided from the votes cast at the time that the day phase was abruptly ended by the Paralyzer. This is almost always a mafia-aligned role, and it should always be limited to 1-shot usage. Furthermore, it's common to include a restriction that the ability cannot be used until X hours in a day phase have passed by.

Role Type:

Voting, Mass Effect

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


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Alternative Names:

Dark Lord

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Role of the Day

The Keymaker may each night make a key and pass it on to any player in the game, including himself. A key can be used by players to lock themselves inside their house for one night, protecting them and making them unable to use any night actions themselves (besides the action of using the key). Once a key has been used, it is forfeited for the rest of the game. If a player with an unused key is targeted by a Jailkeeper, the key will be automatically used to prevent that player from being jailed. Ninja and Strongman roles are able to visit players using keys.