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Points Sacrificer

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The Points Sacrificer starts the game with X amount of points and may each night sacrifice any number of their remaining points, which will unlock one of their abilities for that one night only. Once the Point Sacrifier sacrifices points, they can never be regained. The Points Sacrificer is limited to unlocking one ability per night.


So for example, the Points Sacrificer might start the game with 10 points and have 6 different abilities that can be unlocked, each requiring a different amount of points to unlock. A roleblock ability might be worth 1 point, whereas a vigilante kill might be worth 6 points. It's up to the host's discretion as to how many points to give to the Points Sacrificer and which abilities to include. In practice, the role is similar to a Jack of all Trades, except the Points Sacrificer must carefully consider the optimal way to spend their points, which often also requires an assessment of how long they are likely to live (risk-reward). Optimally, the points and unlockable abilities should be designed in a way so as to reward someone who successfully gambles that they might live for a long time.

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Jack of all Trades

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Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2015-11-09 Closed The DreamWorks Game (Link) Mafia Thingyman 15260
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