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The Possessor is a mafia-aligned role that may possess another player at night. This will cause the Possessor to die, and their target will join the mafia team and become the new Possessor, gaining their ability.


This is a much more powerful version of the more standard Yakuza role. The role is considered too overpowered by most players and communities, but if you wish to include it, a good idea would be to include a restriction saying that the Possessor may only use their ability on Vanilla Townies. An additional restriction could even be added to this, stating that the Possessor will either suicide or at least lose their ability if they target a power role.

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The Lycan is a third party-aligned player who may target a player every night and attempt to guess their role. If they guess the target's role correctly, the target will die, and the Lycan will be immune to daykills and lynches the next day. If they guess incorrectly, the identity of the Lycan will be revealed publicly. The Lycans win by outnumbering all other factions.