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Recruiting Mason

Role Description:

The Recruiting Mason may recruit one person each night to join a masonry. Everyone within the masonry may communicate privately with each other at all times, and each night they must agree on someone to recruit. The recruitment will only be attempted if at least 2 from the masonry vote for it, unless there is only one Recruiting Mason alive. If the Recruiting Mason(s) recruit(s) a town-aligned player, they will be converted to a Recruiting Mason. If they recruit a mafia-aligned player or a Serial Killer-type role, all Recruiting Masons who are recruiting on that night will die (i.e. those who voted for the recruitment of the target). If they recruit a Cult-aligned player, that person will die.


This role is always town-aligned. Note that this action is not compulsive, meaning that a Recruiting Mason or a masonry may choose to not recruit anyone if they are scared that this might kill all visiting Recruiting Masons. The converted town-aligned player will have their entire role converted and changed to the Recruiting Mason role, meaning that they would lose their original powers, since otherwise this could lead to overpowered scenarios where other members of the masonry can publicly claim information gained by other members of the team. A less powerful Recruiting Mason might only have a masonry with night chat or no chat at all (in this case, the recruited Masons are merely informed of other Recruiting Masons, making it a purely informational role).

Role Type:

Communicative, Role-changing, Informative

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