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The Roleblocker may each night block a player from successfully performing their night action.


Roleblockers are usually not able to block passive powers, i.e. Masons with the ability to communicate privately with each other or a Bulletproof player's immunity towards a kill. It is also common for Roleblockers to not be able to target the same player on consecutive nights. Any roleblocked players are most often considered to not have visited their target, meaning that a Tracker tracking a roleblocked player would receive a result stating that that player did not visit anyone. Some communities call this role a Prostitute if mafia-aligned.

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-08-21 Open Other 12 oz mouse (Link) Town Bimps 6747
2016-09-12 Closed 999: Nine Hours, Nine People, Nine Doors (Link) Town Nego 4463
2016-09-29 Open Other Ace Attorney Mafia (Link) Mafia Walrein 4094
2015-10-07 Closed Alien (Link) Mafia Thingyman 5381
2017-03-26 Custom Turbo Book Fork Agave Turbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 474
2016-04-11 Semi-Open C9++ (Link) Town Lissa 1484
2016-09-27 Custom Turbo C9++ ONE TIME DEALER (Link) Other Mafia Host 427
2016-09-30 Custom Turbo c9++ Turbo by Stork (Link) Town Mafia Host 697
2016-12-18 Closed Cereal Killers (Link) Other PR. 5397
2016-11-22 Closed Clue Mafia: Game One (Link) Mafia Beck 4621
2016-11-21 Closed Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town Beck 1884
2017-01-16 Open Other Copless 15er (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 6513
2016-09-26 Closed Counter Strike Mafia (Link) Mafia Stork 1434
2015-08-31 Closed Disney Game (Link) Mafia Thingyman 15565
2016-11-24 Closed Dragon Age Origins Mafia (Link) Mafia Legion 8611
2017-01-02 Closed Dyachei and Lupin Present: Board Game Mafia (Link) Town dyachei 4371
2016-11-12 Open Other Empire (Link) Town Zork 6499
2017-04-01 Custom Turbo Enter the Matrix 6: More OP than Before (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 398
2016-07-06 Semi-Open Food Coma (Link) Mafia Panther 2693
2016-08-01 Closed Game of Thrones Mafia (Link) Other Spider 17337
2016-05-06 Open Other Geordie Shore Light Game (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 1338
2015-09-28 Closed Heretic Mafia (Link) Town Eviscerator 7248
2016-10-24 Closed Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Apoc 11348
2016-10-03 Semi-Open Hydra Game 1: The Halloweentown Monster Party 2: The Sequel (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 3201
2016-10-10 Semi-Open Hydra Game 5: Stellaris Mafia (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 1332
2016-10-24 Semi-Open Hydra Game 8.5: Long Live the Queen (Link) Town Mafia Host 4060
2016-12-27 Open Other Ice Cream Mafia (Link) Town smilefires 1673
2016-10-27 Closed Insert Coin Mafia (Link) Town Shockwave07 1572
2016-06-23 Open Other John Wick Mafia (Link) Town Stork 1855
2016-10-09 Semi-Open Justified (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 5968
2016-04-09 Custom Turbo lolturbos (Link) Town Mafia Host 241
2015-07-05 Open Other Mafia: Collapse (Link) Mafia Beck 1442
2016-04-25 Semi-Open Mario Kart 8 Mafia (Long Phase) (Link) Town Mafia Host 412
2016-01-04 Open Other Mel Gibson Game (Link) Town bopolis 3811
2016-12-01 Closed Multi ball (lolempoof) (Link) Town Visorslash 15317
2017-03-13 Open Other Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Narrator 3127
2016-08-08 Open Other Org/CFC and MTGS inter-forum invitational exhibition game (Link) Mafia Sooh 5128
2016-03-21 Semi-Open Pirates of the Caribbean (Link) Town Beck 9078
2015-10-17 Open Other Poisonous Mafia 17er (Link) Town Tom 4034
2016-07-15 Open Other Poisonous Mafia-7/15/16 (Link) Town Tom 6186
2016-08-08 Closed Rio de Janeiro Mafia (Link) Town Panther 1888
2016-02-29 Open Other S1/S2 Championship Exihibition Game (Link) Town Beck 8553
2016-10-17 Open Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vanilla+ 17er 10/17 (Link) Town Zork 4688
2016-11-06 Closed Sherlock Mafia (Link) Town Prophylaxis 2974
2016-09-27 Open Other Silence of the Lambs: Killers Among Us (Link) Town Stork 6396
2017-01-07 Closed Super Mario Galaxy: Mini-Mash! (Link) Mafia Beck 8748
2016-04-10 Custom Turbo tbo (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 208
2015-10-17 Open Other Teen Wolf Mafia (Link) Mafia Cobalt 6054
2016-06-30 Semi-Open The Dover Boys (Link) Mafia Bimps 6039
2017-03-06 Semi-Open The First Law (Link) Town Whiskeyjack 12100
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
2017-01-19 Open Other The Paths of a Star Warrior (Link) Town AragakiAyase 4606
2017-02-20 Closed The Ultimate Hydra Game (Link) Town smilefires 11262
2015-11-22 Semi-Open The Wild West Game (Link) Mafia stormslyde 1741
2016-12-26 Closed Very Scary New Year's Party (Link) Mafia mhsmith0 4041
2017-03-27 Closed Video Game Universe (DailyMafia Invitational) (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 15168
2016-02-08 Semi-Open X-Men: The Infiltration (Link) Mafia Thingyman 3902
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