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The Secretary may once per game choose to jumble up the police report files, causing all Cop abilities performed by players of the opposite alignment to the Secretary to be ineffective for that night.


Most setups including this role will often feature a Secretary on each team. If both team's Secretaries use their powers on the same night, this will often lead to the town Cops receiving the mafia's Cop results and the mafia to receive the town's Cop results. Note that the Secretary role will usually work on all Cop abilities used that night and not just on Cop roles (i.e. a Jack of All Trades using a cop ability would also be affected by a Secretary). Sometimes both Secretaries might use their powers when there is an uneven number of town and mafia Cop abilities in play. For example, the town may have two living town power roles with Cop abilities, while the mafia only has one. There are three ways to resolve this. One, the host randomly selects only one of the Cop reports to be exchanged with the mafia, while the second town Cop report is left untouched. Two, the host randomly selects only one of the Cop reports to be exchanged, while roleblocking the other Cop ability used on that night. Three, the host might make a 2 for 1 exchange, giving both town Cop reports to the mafia, while giving the one mafia Cop report to both town Cops.

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