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Serial Killer

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The Serial Killer is an independently aligned role that may kill someone each night and wins by being last man standing.


The Serial Killer's nightkill is often considered factional, since they are their own faction. This means If investigated by a Role Cop or Vanilla Cop, a Serial Killer with no additional abilities should view as "Vanilla". Also, Firearms Inspectors should not receive a positive result for Serial Killers, since, in terms of flavor, Serial Killers are considered to be using knives rather than guns. Because it's difficult to win as a Serial Killer, it's considered very common to give them extra abilities, which may include: Being investigation-immune (will be viewed as town-aligned if investigated), being Bulletproof (immunity to shots), having Strongman capability (nightkill cannot be blocked or protected against) or having Ninja capability (nightkill cannot be tracked or watched). A Serial Killer whose nightkill can specifically bypass Doctor protection is sometimes called an Arsonist. A Serial Killer who will immediately die if they ever do not perform a nightkill is sometimes called a Psycopath, though it varies whether this variant must simply attempt a nightkill every night or successfully perform a nightkill every night. In larger games, the typical Serial Killer win condition might be amended. Possible win condition variants include having to live until a certain day, having to live until X amount of players are left in the game, having to have fired X number of successful shots or having to have killed an X number of townies/mafia/power roles. Some hosts have also been known to include two Serial Killers, whose goal is to outlast the other.

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-09-12 Closed 999: Nine Hours, Nine People, Nine Doors (Link) Town Nego 4463
2015-10-07 Closed Alien (Link) Mafia Thingyman 5381
2016-12-18 Closed Cereal Killers (Link) Other PR. 5397
2016-11-21 Closed Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town Beck 1884
2016-09-21 Custom Turbo drunk but in bed turbi (Link) Town Mafia Host 423
2016-10-24 Closed Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Apoc 11348
2016-06-09 Closed High Noon Mafia (Link) Town TheresASnakeInMyBoot 4613
2016-10-10 Semi-Open Hydra Game 5: Stellaris Mafia (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 1332
2016-10-09 Semi-Open Justified (Link) Mafia Mafia Host 5968
2017-03-13 Open Other Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Narrator 3127
2016-09-22 Custom Turbo NEW TURBO (Link) Town Mafia Host 432
2017-01-15 Open Other Puppies (Link) Mafia Zork 2630
2016-08-08 Closed Rick & Morty Mash! (Link) Other Beck 11917
2016-09-27 Open Other Silence of the Lambs: Killers Among Us (Link) Town Stork 6396
2016-09-28 Custom Turbo SK Hunt for People Who Like Fun And Aren't Scared of New Things (Link) Other Mafia Host 175
2015-10-17 Open Other Teen Wolf Mafia (Link) Mafia Cobalt 6054
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2016-11-13 Closed The megafantastic awesome game with no awesome name (Link) Town Sooh 6816
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
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