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Role Description:

The Sheriff may each night investigate a player to learn their alignment. In addition to this, the Sheriff may once per game at any time choose to publicly or privately kill another player.


If the killing ability is used publicly, the Sheriff is often given a specific phrase by the host to post. The Sheriff role has several variants. In one variant, the Sheriff permanently loses their investigation power if they ever use their killing abiility. In another variant, the Sheriff will automatically kill the first non-town player that they investigate, after which they will permanently lose their power. The Sheriff name has also been known to denote a role that alternates between investigating and killing someone every night. The mafia-aligned equivalent of this role is sometimes called Stalker (though a Stalker, i.e. mafia-aligned Cop, would always be a Role Cop, which is not necessarily the case for a Sheriff).

Role Type:

Informative, Killing, Multi-power

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:

Both cycles

Supported by Modbot:


Alternative Names:

Vigilante Cop


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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2017-03-13 Open Other Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Narrator 3127
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