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Suicide Bomber

Role Description:

The Suicide Bomber may once per game choose a target to suicide bomb during a day phase, killing both the Suicide Bomber and the target.


This role is often mafia-aligned. It varies whether the Suicide Bomber simply announces the action in the game thread somehow, or whether they need to submit the action to the host. Sometimes, a Suicide Bomber may be allowed to submit their action during night phases as well, though the obvious downside to this is that their target can potentially be protected. The Suicide Bomber, however, should always die as a result of their action, even if they have been targeted for some sort protection during the phase in which they use their action.

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Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2016-09-26 Closed Counter Strike Mafia (Link) Mafia Stork 1434
2017-01-15 Open Other Puppies (Link) Mafia Zork 2630
2015-08-02 Closed The LEGO Movie (Link) Other Thingyman 6681
2015-12-14 Closed The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Beck 7649
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