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Time Bandit

Role Description:

The Time Bandit may each night submit a list of who they would have roleblocked on previous nights as well as on the current night. The list can be amended each night. Once per game during day, the Time Bandit can choose to sacrifice themselves by posting a public announcement in the thread. This will cause the Time Bandit to die and will cause all the roleblocks on their most recently submitted list to take place retroactively as if they'd been actually performed on the nights in question, causing any deaths and/or actions to be affected accordingly.


I.e. if the Time Bandit suicides on Day 4, and their most recently submitted list stated that they would have roleblocked Player A on Night 1, Player B on Night 2 and Player C on Night 3, then the Time Bandit's roleblocks will be retroactively processed, which might lead to Player D being revived, for example, if, say, Player A is a Vigilante that killed Player D on Night 1.

Role Type:

Manipulative, Support

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Use of Action:

Both cycles

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