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The Tinkerer will passively create a gun for himself to use at any point during a day phase for each night that no one visits the Tinkerer. If ever killed at night, a gun will be passed out to one of the players who killed him. This gun can also only be used during day phases and if ever used it will reveal the identity of the shooter.


I.e. if no one visits the Tinkerer on Night 1 or Night 2, the Tinkerer will be in possession of 2 guns by Day 3 if they did not fire their first gun already. There are several variations of this role. in some versions, visitors who didn't kill the Tinkerer, but instead performed other actions, will be included in the randomization to receive the gun passed out on the night of Tinkerer's death. Furthermore, some hosts may choose to make the gun a night-only ability rather than a day-only ability, and similarly some hosts may also remove the "will reveal the shooter" part of the role.

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Both cycles

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The Time Bandit may each night submit a list of who they would have roleblocked on previous nights as well as on the current night. The list can be amended each night. Once per game during day, the Time Bandit can choose to sacrifice themselves by posting a public announcement in the thread. This will cause the Time Bandit to die and will cause all the roleblocks on their most recently submitted list to take place retroactively as if they'd been actually performed on the nights in question, causing any deaths and/or actions to be affected accordingly.